Bear Creek First Grade Newsletter

October 23, 2017

Check Out What We Are Learning!


Addition and Subtraction to 10

Balanced Equations (Ex: 3+5 = 1+7)

Missing Addend (Ex: 4 + ___ = 8)

Number Talks


Reading, Writing, Social Studies



"How To" Expository Writing

Expository Writing (nonfiction/informational)----landforms and natural resources


Punctuation-period, question mark, exclamation mark



Natural Resources

Maps and Globes

Communities in Different Places


Oviparous Animals and the Life Cycle of an Egg

Student- Led Conferences Coming on November 2

Your child's teacher sent you a link on Sign-Up Genius to sign up for a student-led conference. If you haven't signed up already, please do so! Also, you will need to bring your child to the conference, as they will be leading it. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Skills to Practice at Home

In order for anyone to retain a concept, it must be practiced. Listed below are some skills to practice anytime, as often as you can. It can be done at home, while driving in the car, at the park or anywhere you have a moment with your child. Thank you so much for working with us as we help your child have a successful 1st grade year!

  • Count forward 1-50 (written)
  • Count backward 50-1 (written)
  • Count from any given number 1-50 (forward and backward)
  • 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less than any number 1-50
  • How many tens and ones in a given number?
  • Skip Count by 10's, 5's and 2's to 50
  • Recognize front AND back of a penny, nickel and dime
  • Count groups of pennies, nickels and dimes
  • Ordering numbers least to greatest and greatest to least to 50 (Ex: 45, 33, 12)

  • Read for 10-20 minutes nightly with an adult, record each completed book on “GCISD Reads” form located in your child’s Daily Folder.

Red Ribbon Week at BCE

October 23-27

** Monday, Oct. 23- United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs- Wear RED

** Tuesday, Oct. 24- I'm Too Bright For Bullying And Drugs- Wear NEON

** Wednesday, Oct. 25- Don't Blend Into The Crowd, Be An Upstander- Wear CAMOUFLAGE

** Thursday, Oct. 26- Say Boo! To Drugs And Bullying- Wear your favorite HALLOWEEN SHIRT

** Friday, Oct. 27- My Character Counts- Dress up as your Favorite Storybook Character

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Socktober at BCE

Starting the week of October 10th, Bear Creek will be helping our community with a sock drive. If you would like to donate a pair of socks to a family in need, please put them in the collection box located by the front office. It will have paper socks on it. Thank you!

Mark Your Calendar!

October 23-27- Red Ribbon Week

October 27- Book Character Day

October 27- NEU Pep Rally- Wear college gear!

October 27- Trunk or Treat @Bear Creek 7:00-8:00

November 2- Early Release @11:45/ Student- Led Conferences

November 4- Fall Festival @ BCE 2-5pm

November 10- Veterans Day Assembly and NEU Pep Rally

November 16- First Grade Thanksgiving Program @ 6:45pm

November 20-24- Thanksgiving Break

December 1- NEU Pep Rally

December 1- Cookies With Santa TBD

December 21- Early Release- begin Winter Break

Show School and Team Spirit!

On Mondays, have your student show school spirit by wearing a Bear Creek shirt!

On Fridays, have your student show support for a college by wearing a college T-Shirt! (It does not have to be a college listed below. Those are the colleges we have adopted in our classrooms.)

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