By: Thomas Ringenbach

Thomas from The Maze Runner

In the The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Thomas was in a group of teenagers that were trapped inside of a maze. Everything was fine until man killing creatures escaped the maze and caused havoc for his group. Thomas showed that he had tenacity by taking leadership of the group and being determined to finish the problem even if he got killed in the process. And after all of his hard work and determination he lead the squad to safety and escaped the maze. Overall in the book The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Thomas showed that he had tenacity.
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Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy was just a 19 year old living in Colorado living a regular life until one day until life threw her a big curve ball at her. She came home from her work thinking she had a regular cold but it was actually Neisseria Meningitis. A disease she had a very small chance of living. Luckily she lived but unfortunately she lost both of her legs under her knees. After being down for a while she decided to make something out of her life instead of doing nothing she decided to continue in her love of snowboarding. Amy stated “Our borders and our obstacles can either stop us in our tracks or force us to get creative.” She joined the Paralympics and became the highly decorated disabled snowboarder winning 3 gold medals. And she also wrote a book about her journey through this adversity called “On my own 2 feet: from Losing My Legs to learning the Dance.” Overall Amy Purdy showed tenacity by being determined to make something out of her life instead of doing nothing about her situation.

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Smallest Dragonboy

In the Smallest Dragonboy by Anne McCaffrey there were 2 main characters. Keevan who was the smallest boy in the town and constantly was getting looked down on. Beterli was the biggest and strongest boy in the town and was a bully to some people. In the book the people could pick dragon eggs and be the riders of them. While Beterli had the first pick at what looked like to be the best dragon Keevan had to pick from the bad eggs. Beterli was treating him terrible and bullying him for being short but in the end Keevan had tenacity by fighting through the hate and he ended up getting the best dragon and became a dragon rider.

Tom Brady

In the year 2000 NFL Draft, Tom brady was not going to be one of the players picked early on in the draft because nobody knew the real skill that he had. He was a backup quarterback for Michigan in college for 2 years. And in the draft he ended up being picked in the 6th round for the 199th pick to the New England Patriots which is not very good. Things were not looking good for him at this point until the 2002 season. After the starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe got injured early in the season it was Tom Brady’s time to make his mark. And he did infact make his mark. He lead the Patriots to the Superbowl that year and won it against the St. Louis Rams. He became the youngest Super Bowl MVP in NFL history. After this year he only got better and became a legend of the game. Since the New England Patriots drafted him and the starter quarterback got injured it has allowed Tom Brady to be successful. Tom Brady showed that he had tenacity by fighting through being the underdog and making his way to the top.

Walt Disney

Hard Work, dedication, persistence, doggedness, strength of will, and determination are all things that make up tenacity. And they are also all things that make up Walt Disney. Walt Disney was just a regular person and he wanted to pursue her dream of opening an animation company, so he did. After a while the company failed but Disney never quit. He decided to team up with brother and they moved to Hollywood together and they created Disney Brothers’ Studios. They started making cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Dragon. After that they decided to take a risk with a new technology called technicolor to make Snow White. After a couple years in of making the movie many people called it “a foolish mistake.” After people said this their company went bankrupt. But Disney stayed to the plan of finishing the movie of the money of loans and never gave up. Once the movie was released it became the most successful movie of 1938. After that movie Disney kept of going and became the largest media and entertainment company. To sum it ‘up Walt Disney is a great example of someone that has tenacity.
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