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Just imagine, how would you write if no one invented the typewriter? Do you know who invented it? Actually, two americans named Christopher Latham Sholes, and Carlos Glidden worked together to create this fascinating machine that can write anything you please. Sholes was the one who mainly designed it, and Gidden was the mechanic, In the end they came up with a machine that changed the world of writing, which is known as the Sholes and Glidden Machine.

What is it?

Do you know what a typewriter is? What it does? This invention is actually a very unique way of writing. Its main purpose it to print letters onto a sheet of paper. Each key on it is connected to a typebar that lifts a typeface to strike the paper. Also every typeface has upper and lowercase forms of a letter or numbers and symbols, so you can write whatever you think of! A Mylar typewriter ribbon uses ink to transfer images on the typeface to the paper. Also, its alignment parallels the platen and the paper, and ribbon guides raise the ribbon to print and then lowers it. The platen stops the typeface but allows enough force to the paper for the image to print, which is how it shows up on the paper. However, if you mistype, the only solution to fix it is to restart. But as you can see, this invention has helped many people because of its way of allowing them to write many things.

Who Would Use It?

Has your brain ever been overwhelmed with thoughts and stories you've want to write? Well there is a solution...a typewriter! You may come upon the question of who could use a typewriter, but It's simple, everyone can! Anyone could use it but mainly, poets, authors, teacher and students use it.

Don't feel left out! By yourself a typewriter! Everyone has a typewriter so why not you? Get a typewriter right now!

If you don't own a typewriter, go to your nearest store and they sell them! Everyone has a typewriter such as, your friends, teachers, poets, authors, but not you. So get one right away!

Helpful and Beneficial?

Yes, infact this machine is both helpful and beneficial. The typewriter will benefit you most and is handy when you are writing a paper or doing any sort of homework or writing letters. However, you cannot take a typewriter anywhere but they are located at schools, libraries, and in homes.

Is it important?

A typewriter is important because it is very useful. It was a form of communication and writing that everyone uses. It is used for typing letters, stories, papers, and much more. It can change your life because this form of writing has helped people with school work, adults with jobs, and has also helped authors or poets write their stories and poems.


I’ve learned many new things about the typewriter that I have never known. For example, two people have created this invention and it has many features. These features included, all capital letters, and numbers from 0-9 except 1 were not included until later on. Also, the typewriter was the first machine invented that changed writing because before it was just ink and a quill.

The typewriter did have effects on how people lived at the time and that is the way of communication. It helped them write letters to send to people. It also helped them with jobs or school work because students could write papers and adults could use it for typing something for their job. The typewriter did help poets and authors as well so they could write their stories. If the typewriter was never invented, how would people have communicated? Would it impact the things of technology we have today? The typewriter has changed the way we talk now. We have computers and cellphones that instantly get everything where as typing a letter would take a few days to deliver.

I decided to use the bandwagon persuasive technique. I chose this because I felt that if others would know that everyone had owned a typewriter that the people who didn’t would go out and buy one. I also used repetition so the product would be remembered by the people.
Maddy Wells