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May 5, 2015

special edition

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This week is all about you! Thank you for all that you do in the classrooms. You truly make a difference in your students' lives.

You will find some resources for personal productivity, resources for your classroom, and some few other fun stuff. Don't overlook the link towards the end to MANY, MANY freebies and discounts given out by the community.

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I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem

Resources for productivity


Emaze is for the creation of online presentations similar to a PowerPoint. The free version does have a few limitations.


From their description: With Handouts, thousands of teachers are skipping the copier, saving time and money. Teachers take pictures of their existing paper assignments (or import PDFs from Dropbox or iCloud to schedule, distribute, grade, and track uncollected assignments.


Listen to your news articles with this nifty program.

Creative Commons Image Search

Take out the guess work of wondering if an image is copyright or allowable to use. Creative Commons Image Search makes filters through the different databases for those labeled through creative commons attributes.


Do you wonder why you have no time in the day left for anything? Try the 30:30 app if you need an assistant (task manager) to help you through the day. You assign your tasks by chunks of time. You pre-post your timeline of events with a certain amount of time. It helps to to stick to the task with a timer at hand.
Teacher Appreciation Week

Resources for the classroom

Visible Thinking

Check out the webpage with the history and activities you can implement in your instruction.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has many useful resources that give students another way at solving the problem or understanding a key concept.

Citation Machine

Students and teachers, alike, can use Citation Machine to build their bibliography or works; cited sheet for special reports.


Similar to other class managment/formative assessment tools, Zondle will allow you to create your class play instructional games, and assess the students as needed. It is free.

NASA Education

Check out NASA's page on useful activities and other resources for classroom consumption.

NOAA Education

Another great science portal on Earth Science concepts such as weather.

Relax at home with these fun but thoughtful apps!

Looking for ways to de-stress and unwind? Try one the app games below. Keep your mind fresh and increase your brain function. Some of my favorites are below.
What Does The Teacher Say?

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!