The Bad Bowling Trip!!!

Hannah Hopper

Have you ever went to the bowling alley , while playing got hurt ?

Well let me tell you about a time when my sister Katherine , a girl named Tiffany , I went to the bowling ally and Tiffany end up getting hurt . On October 12th it was Tiffany birthday so we all decide to go bowling . We all got dress Tiffany and Katherine had to put on make up and to do all that and I just put on some pants with my red soccer shirt , no make up . Next we left we got into a little blue car that had four doors.

We got to the bowling alley around mid-night so we played mid-night bowling which is 12$ a person .We got to the bowling alley and the lights were off , they had colorful lights going on and off. Next we got are shoe we didn't like them they were brown and ugly . Than we went to get are bowling balls I picked a blue one .

We started playing and we played three games already and Katherine had kept winning we were on are last game and it was Tiffany turn .Tiffany went to roll the ball and when she did she went down and landed on her arm. She started crying and screaming we went over there , helped her up. We all started freaking out we didn't know if she had broke it or not. Next we got her into the car and took her to the doctor they took her back and did lots of x-rays. When they came back out she had a cast on she had broke her arm .

" Tiffany told us she would never go bowling again Katherine said to her why you never know what going to happen so your crazy" When Katherine told her that she went off. Tiffany told her" really cause I'm pretty sure I'm the one who has the broken arm so tell me how its crazy" . As every thing got quite for a minute Katherine said "if you don't go again your going to miss out on a lot what if you got hurt when you while you were walking what you going to do stop walking . " So at the end we all learned that don't just stop something cause you got hurt once cause you can get hurt doing anything.