Demoacratic Republic of Congo

Soil fertility problems

Problems with soil

The country of Africa has a big problem with the soil loosing fertility very quickly. The Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC needs alot of help with farming because if they keep using the same techniques, the tropical Rain forest will sieze to exist. The slash and burn teqnique is the technique that most if these farmers use. This is when farmers light parts of the forest on fire and wait for it to burn out. This leaves soil that is fertile but will only stay that way for a few years due to the lack of the farmers care of the land. They will just keep repeating this process until there is no more rain forest left to burn. This must be stopped. The soil losses it's fertility very fast, so it becomes mud. If you have mud and not nutrient rich soil, then you won't grow anything. If you don't grow anything, then you won't feed your family and yourself. Then all of you guys would dye. Because if the amount of farming that goes on, the amount of trees in the rainforest goes down very quickly and in a while, there won't be any trees to keep the soil in place.

Ways to solve fertility problems

Benifits of These Techniques

These techniques will help stop deforestation which in time will really help the environment because the rain forests will still be here. The rain forests are slowly going away because farmers cut the trees down to get new fertile land to plant on. They use all the minerals and don't do anything to keep the minerals in. This makes the land useless and after a while the farmers will just move along and destroy more of the rainforest. The benifits of these techniques is that it will help keep the land more fertile for a longer time. This will make for less of the Rain Forest being cut down. Which will help the plants, animals, humans, and the planet.

Will's Rainforest Helper

We will be going to the Demacratic Republic of Congo to help encourage the use of different farming techniques to help stop deforestation. We will gladly except donations and volunteers.