The Community Lion's Roar

October - November 2021

"IT TAKES A VILLAGE" is a saying one has heard many times; however, it is a motto our Lindenwold Lion students and District embrace! The District would like to thank all of our students, staff, and schools for giving back and paying it forward. A caring, giving community is a beautiful community.

Please try to take a moment to reflect about the type of community and District we want to be. I hope everyone would answer something similar to a District and community who supports one another through "all the times" (the good and the challenging).

No one person can do it all alone. It truly does take a village, and the Lindenwold School District depends on our Lion Village: our staff, our families, our community members, our students, etc.

Please take time to talk with your children about being an "UPSTANDER" in Lindenwold. Everyone, regardless of one's age, can contribute to making our schools and community an even more wonderful place. As hard and uncomfortable as it can be, it's important to live by the "see something - say something" rule. As a community, if we see, hear, or know about something that makes us feel uneasy or question right from wrong, we need to find and tell a trusted adult. We are so proud of our Lindenwold Lions who serve as role models for reaching out to the school or to other loved ones for assistance when they know they or someone they care about needs help.

As always, we thank our families for supporting us. As we all know, sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest thing is do.

The Board of Education approved a resolution on October 4, 2021 to proceed with a Bond Referendum to support our New Building Project. The Bond Referendum will take place on January 25, 2022 (more details to follow).

We will host our 3rd and 4th Virtual Town Hall Meetings on this New Building Project this December to further inform the community of the importance of this project. This project will provide much needed space and resolve our District overcrowding issue at all buildings. Below are the links to the meetings which will also be posted on the Lindenwold website .

Please attend this meeting to learn about the importance of this project to the Lindenwold community.

Join us for a virtual Town Hall Meeting to find out all about our New Building Projects. Pick the date that best fits your schedule. Link to the meetings below:

Monday December 6, 2021 at 6pm (English)

Monday December 6, 2021 at 7pm (Spanish)

Topic: Lindenwold ECC - New Building Meeting

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Passcode: 94iLhG

Follow this link to check out the Building Project details

Thank you!


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Congratulations to all of our fall athletes and fall marching band performers. We had successful seasons with lots of learning and growth. On behalf of the District, we would like to recognize the following students who have been honored by Colonial Conference and South Jersey for their 2021 fall athletic talents.

Girls XC:

1). Esperanza Panduro- 12th- 1st Team

2). Mixtli Guerrero-Salinas 12th-1st Team

Boys XC:

1). Gilberto Morquecho-Leza 10th-2nd Team

Girls Tennis:

1). Jahaira Flores-Hernandez-12th-1st Team

Girls Soccer:

1). Skyy Beeks-9th Grade Forward- 1st Team

Boys Soccer:

1). Jairo Guerrero-Cartagena 12th Grade Defense- 1st Team

2). Justin Miranda 10th Grade Defense-1st Team

3). Jesus "Javi" Llanes 12th Grade Forward-1st Team

4). Diego Rodriguez-Aguilar 10th Grade Forward-1st Team

5). Fernando Lobo-Aguilar 12th Grade Midfield-1st Team

6). Favour Ogbeide 11th Grade Defense-2nd Team,


1. Lamar Green 11th Grade- 1st Team Wide Receiver

2. Michael Busbee 12th Grade- 1st Team Linebacker

3. Nazier Bryant 11th Grade- 2nd Team Quarterback

4. Jayson Chavous 11th Grade- 2nd Team Defensive End

5. Ce’Shaan Collins 9th Grade 2nd Team Kick Returner

6. Hugo Arevalo 12th Grade Honorable Mention Tackle

Special Recognition:

Colonial Conference vs. Tri County Conference All Star Game:

Jairo Guerrero-Cartagena, Jesus "Javi" Llanes, Fernando Lobo-Aguilar, and Ruth Arevalo will represent both LHS and the Colonial Conference in the 4th Annual Tri-County Conference vs. the Colonial Conference All-Star Game on November 22nd.


1). Jesus "Javi" Llanes 12th Grade Forward-Boys Soccer

Jesus "Javi" Llanes will also represent LHS and All South Jersey in a game on November 23rd vs. the All Central Jersey Team. The game will be played at Rutgers Camden.




The Junior Class SCORES! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

Coach Greene may be a force to be reckoned next year when his team moves to the Senior side in 2022! This coach knew how to keep his players' heads in the game.
Once again, the Lindenwold Theater brought down the house with this wonderful performance. Our performers (on stage and behind the scenes) put on FOUR performances over three days. I bet they can't wait for these four days off to catch up on some much needed sleep! But their hard work definitely paid off! Way to go!!!!!!


Our Lion staff needs your support to help remind our children of the importance of proper behavior on our school buses.

We know how busy our families are; however, if you could take a few minutes to review the below reminders with your children, we would greatly appreciate it. If we work as a team, we can reinforce how important we all believe bus safety is for all students.

We do have staff and administrators randomly riding school buses to reinforce proper bus etiquette.

Please help us by reinforcing the following school rules:

- Students are to be respectful to the bus driver at all times. Students must follow all verbal directions when given by the driver on the school bus. Bus drivers have very challenging jobs and a lot of responsibility. (It is not an easy job!!)

-Students must exercise patience as they board and exit the school bus. Students must wait their turn when walking on or off the bus without pushing or yelling at others (including the driver).

-Students MUST keep their hands, feet, shoulders, and head to themselves at all times!!! Under no circumstances may one person hit, touch, smack, kick, or head butt another person (student or adult).

-Students may not eat or drink on the bus. Again, this is a safety issue. Students who intentionally spill drinks or smear food on others or inside the school bus must be aware they are creating an unsafe environment for others.

Helping students to remember that the job of the school bus driver is to drive the bus and to ensure a safe transport by keeping their eyes on the road while driving. Many of us, as adults, understand what it is like to drive a car with children misbehaving in the backseat. Imagine that situation on a large 54 passenger school bus!

If at any time you have a question or concern, please feel free to reach out to your child's building principal, the Transportation Secretary, Ms. Jackson, the Business Administrator, Ms. Huder, or myself. Please allow the school district the opportunity to address your concern.

Ms. Lawrence:

Ms. Martinez-Preyor:

Mr. Pugliese:

Mr. Brandt:

Ms. Jackson:

Ms. Huder:

Dr. O'Neil:

Middle School and High School students were rewarded for meeting their Summer Reading Challenge. Over 250 Middle and High School Students were rewarded with cooperative learning/teamwork fun while also enjoying a wonderful lunch! What a perfect way to celebrate!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this possible.

Congratulations to every student who met their summer reading challenge!!!!

Seriously, could this have been a better week? Spirit days, hallway decorating contests, a Pep Rally, Royalty Court, Senior Nights during a variety of athletic events, and the BEST attended Homecoming EVER!!!!! Our kids danced from start to finish!

Congratulations to our 2021 LHS Royalty Court.

Special congratulations to our most royal seniors: John Moldanado and Johana Rodriguez.

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Since we couldn't take a bus trip over to the pumpkin patch this year, we brought the pumpkin patch to us! All of our elementary students benefitted from staff thinking creatively, outside the box. GREAT IDEA!!!

Our preschool students held their own Harvest Festival while School 4 and 5 engaged in many pumpkin adventures. Student responses ranged from "this is the best day ever!" to "I can't wait to see what we do next."

Could we wish for our pumpkin patch to be any better???

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Future Law Enforcement Officers

Students at School #5 pose with retired Lindenwold Police Chief and current School Resource Officer Tom Brennan. The day’s theme for Red Ribbon Week was “Follow your dreams, live drug free”- Dress as your Future You!
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This year's Lindenwold Community Trunk or Treat was TONS of fun! The Lindenwold BOE, administration, teaching staff, and didn't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy some weekend time with our children and their families. It was great seeing everyone!!!

And yes, the winner of the Trunk or Treat best decorated trunk was our very own LMS Teacher, Ms. Benkert! Her pirate theme was a huge hit!

Congratulations to our September Students of the Month!

Congratulations to our October Students of the Month!

After a lot of hard work, these students had the chance to enjoy a sweet treat!

Keep up your awesome hard work.


Student nominations are based on some or all of the following characteristics: Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Effort, Fairness, Flexibility, Honesty, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, and/or Significant Behavior Improvement.


NyAisha Moorman

Anjumara Chadni

Germaine Okeke

Randy Ontiveros


Yasleen Chavez

Kasey Fournier

Jose Guillen

Jameer Pinkney

Quinzel Sanderson

The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (P.L.2010, c.122) requires that the week beginning with the first Monday in October of each year is recognized as "Week of Respect". This year October 4-8, 2021 was designated as the Week of Respect in New Jersey. This week promotes a positive school climate and educates students on ways to prevent bullying. All students and staff at School Five were invited to participate in the following dress down days to help celebrate this very important week.

Monday, October 4th- “Too Bright to Bully”- Wear bright or neon colors.

Tuesday, October 5th- “Team Up Against Bullying”- Wear any sports team shirt or jersey.

Wednesday, October 6th- “Fit to Be a Friend”- Wear workout/exercise clothing.

Thursday, October 7th- “Be a Hero- Stand Up to Bullying”- Wear any superhero clothing.

Friday, October 8th- “Follow the Golden Rule.- Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated”- Wear anything yellow.

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Students in Mrs. Wisniewski and Mr. Wood's 4th grade class at School #5 show off their country of focus for Hispanic Heritgae Month- The Dominican Republic!

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Students in Sra. Mercado’s Kindergarten Class at School #5 proudly display the piñatas they made for their country of focus - Mexico!!

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The older they are the more fun they have decorating fall cookies and pumpkins!

These students had a great time getting into the fall spirit!

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Lindenwold Schools would like to give a huge shout out and very special thank you to our very own School 5 Parent and professional artist, Jalissa Bard of Queen J Paints:

and community member, Mr. Trevor Shaw, for the creation, delivery, and installation of our new School 5 Book Ark! If you happen to be in the area, check out all the books that are now available to the community!
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