Field Trip

William Hendrson period 6

What is the meaning behind the Raincross symbol?

The double-cross is said to be an ancient Native American symbol for the dragonfly which emerged each year after the summer rains.

5 inventions created in the 1920s

Kool-Aid, Cheeseburgers, band aid, lie detector, and insulin.

How many Spanish Missions were built in CA?

21 they represented the King's Highway

How did the US acquire the Panama Canal Zone and how did the canal benefit the US?

It helped the US become a world power, and help travel become quicker.

who was booker t washington?

Booker Taliaferro Washington was an African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States

What triggered the Boxer Rebellion & what was America's response to it?

it was made in response to foreign and domestic violence. we forced China to accept trade

Do you think the government was correct in granting the Mission Inn Hotel this honor?

yes because it was beautiful and made on the rich land of riverside in the time

What was the Progressive Era a response to?

To the economic and social problems. It made an political and social movement.

What do you think was Teddy's biggest accomplishment & why?

I think his biggest accomplishment was establishment of rough riders. It was his biggest achievement because it meant a lot to him.

What immigrant processing center did these Chinese immigrants most likely come through?

Angel island. They were implemented because too many immigrants were coming to the US.

Why were so many immigrants coming to America at the turn of the century?

Because they wanted freedom and a better life.

Why did the US finally enter World War One?

unrestricted Submarine Warfare destroyed an American ship.
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