The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne

Primary setting.

The primary setting was in the death camp Auschwitz in Poland.

Main characters.

Bruno: He is the son of the commandant at Auschwitz. He is nine years old and was from Berlin.

Shmuel: He is a Jewish boy that was at Auschwitz. He is also nine years old.

Main conflict.

Bruno meets a a boy in the Auschwitz fence. The boy said that his name was Shmuel. There is a conflict because Bruno wants to meet Shmuel's family. What he doesn't know is that Shmuel is a prisoner in the Holocaust.

Beginning events.

1. Bruno and his family move from their home in Berlin. The Fuhrer gives the father an order to go to a different location.

2. Bruno goes for a walk in the woods and finds a fence with people on the other side.

Middle events.

1. Bruno meets a boy in the other side of the fence. He walks up to the fence to talk the the boy. The boy walks up to the fence. He says that his name is Shmuel. He is described to have striped pajamas on.

2. Bruno goes back to the house and grabs some food from the ice box. The maid ,Maria, stopped him and asked him if he just ate.

Ending events.

1. Bruno and his sister and his mother are moving back to their home in Berlin. Bruno doesn't want to leave Shmuel behind.

2. Bruno puts on his striped pajamas and goes to through the fence. He and Shmuel go into the shower and die in the chamber.