Canada in 2035

Units 1-4


Through out the year we learned a lot about the population of Canada, as well as the landscape and resources. I am going to be using all the information I have gathered to put them into this Smore. There are 4 Units, and 4 topics to go over to see what Canada has the potential to become in 2035

Unit 1

Changing populations!

In the future, there is going to be a lot of changes to countries all over the world. However I think Canada is going to have a lot and is going to continue changing in the future. First of all, I think that Canada is going to be a country most immigrants are going to go to. The reason for this is that, I believe there is going to be a lot of free job openings. This can be very beneficial to immigrants hoping to emigrate from their countries and start a new life, because it will not be difficult to find a new job. I also think that Canada to become more diverse and that will appeal to immigrants as they will become more comfortable with people from their same religion and culture. I think that Canada will attract people from eastern countries. The reason for this is that if you look at immigration graphs they are generally the largest group of immigrants that migrate to Canada.

I think that Canada’s population will look more diverse then how it is now because I think there is going to be a higher immigration rate. I also think that the birth and death rates will drop. I think as people become more educated, people will have less children. Also when there is more that people know about health, the death rates will go down. Currently heart diseases are one the most common ways that people die in Canada, In the coming years there will be a lot more that people will know to cure and prevent it. I think that first nations will have many less issues in Canada as the rules become changed. I think that people will try to accept them and make their lifestyle a lot easier compared to how it is now. All these changes have the potential to make Canada a better country for everyone to live in and change how it is viewed across the world.

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Unit 2

Interactions In The Physical Environment

Canada has a very diverse environment and climate. Some people might ask, why does Canada have the climate that it does? There are many factors that impact climate, 6 to exact. First is latitude which means that the further you are from the equator, the colder it will be. This is the reason that Canada's 3 territories are really cold compared to other provinces. The next one is ocean currents, this means that when water moves to a cool area it heats air above the water. This causes nearby land such as British Columbia to receive a warmer climate. Another factor is wind direction which means that air is warmer depending on the direction it is blowing in. Elevation means that air is thinner depending on your altitude. The last 2 are relief, which is mountains affecting climate, and nearness to water. These are all factors that impact climate in Canada and other countries and due to Canada's diverse land, these cause the climate to heavily differ

Canada has many different land form regions. In Canada we have tundras, forests, and grasslands. These regions generally have lots of tress or lots of plants and wildlife. There is also many different types of soil. For example, the tundra region is very cold and has thin soil and permafrost. Meanwhile the deciduous forest are very hot and have more hummus and a dark brown top on the soil.

The environment and climate are both negatively impacted by global warming and pollution. This is why there are people always saying we should take care of the environment. It can affect the environment and the general population negatively. However I believe that as people see first hand the impacts it will slowly start to change for the better, and it is changing right now!

Unit 3

Managing Canada's Resources

Canada provides and trades many resource for other countries. Obviously a lot of different types of resources will be more valuable in the future as there is a higher demand for them. I think that a valuable resource is going to be wood products. Currently Canada is the second largest supplier of wood products in the world. I believe that manufacturing is going to continue to be a huge industry and wood is going to be a mandatory resource. I also think that wheat is going to be exported very much considering that it also has one of the highest profiles of exports in Canada. To manage these resources Canada will most likely have to implement some rules. This could include an export limit as well as a certain way to reuse or dispose of the resource. There are also many other ways to control what is being exported out of Canada to manage the resources for the future.

Trading is an essential part of any country. Canada has many resources to offer many countries that can benefit themselves and others. For example Canada can offer wheat and other resources, meanwhile they can import energy products from the United States.

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Unit 4

Livable Communities

In the future I think that most people will continue to live where Canada's largest group of people are now, in Ontario. Although while I think that Ontario will have the largest population, there will be a larger group of people across the other 2 major provinces, Quebec and British Columbia. Unfortunately the territories will most likely stay with very low populations. Urban sprawl will be an issue in the future, and I think it will be an issue for a very long time. However there are many ways to prevent urban sprawl and these methods can largely control the issue.These ways of controlling urban sprawl include efficient energy sources and use public methods of transportation to reduce pollution. Also controlling construction to protect wildlife and separate communities. Cities of the future are going to attempt to improve for the community. In fact, i believe that cities will be totally different compared to the cities now. My reasoning is that as cities realize the flaws that come with the how modern cities work. They will continue to develop and advance and become more "green". I also think that the general population will become more cautious of the environment once they see first hand exactly what the impacts of their actions have on the world.


In conclusion I think that Canada has the potential to become one of the most efficient cities in the world. The immigration that we currently have is positive for the country and I think Canada will become much more advanced in terms of sustainability compared to many other countries in the world. The big word that I think is potential. We have all the resources to become a better country, however we have to take advantage of it all to truly become a country of the future.


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