Vanishing Violin-Michael D. Beil

By: Alaina

Piece #2

Sophie St. Pierre- Sophie is the main character. She is a detective along with her friends.

Margret- She is the brains in the group. Margret almost always has a plan.

Lee Ann- She isn't the smartest in the group, she is friends with Sophie, Margret, and Rebecca.

Rebecca- Rebecca is also friends with Sophie, Margret, and Lee Ann.

Jaz- Jaz is the new employee at Perkatory.

Ben- He is suspected as the one who stole the violin, but is later proven innocent

Sergei- Sergei is another suspect. He lives in the apartment above the Violin Shop.

Mr. Chernofsky- He is the owner of the violin shop.

Raf- Raf is Sophie's boyfriend

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Piece #3

The setting of this book is Perkatory, Sophie's house, Mr. Chernofsky's Violin Shop, and their school. This book takes place in modern day Manhattan.

Piece #4

The problem in the book is that someone stole Mr. Chernofsky's famous violin and they are trying to figure out who the thief is. At the same time, Margret's getting letters from some unknown person who's giving the girls codes to crack, and once they crack all the codes, it will lead them to a violin.

Piece #5

The main events:

-Someone was sneaking into the school and cleaning it.

- Mr. Chernofsky's violin was stolen.

-Margret received a strange letter from someone, telling them to crack a code and find the hidden violin.

-They were in the basement of the school and found a small living space down there and Ben was stuck in there.

-They get another letter with another code to crack.

- The girls went to the apartment building above Mr. Chernofsky's shop and figured out there was a trap door that lead right to the Violin Shop.

- They suspected Sergei as the violin thief, one of the people that live up above the shop.

-The girls set up a trap to try and catch Sergei in action to prove that he is the thief, but nothing showed up on the camera that they had set up.

-The next day they went in to the violin shop and the bow was gone.

-They get another letter with the final clues and a code.

- Margret said she'd figured out who the violin thief was.

-Jaz was proven as the thief.

-The girls figure out the last letter and go to the address and find a surprise waiting for them.

Piece #6

The climax of Vanishing Violin is when Mr. Chernofsky's violin was stolen and the girls figured out it was Jaz and Mr. Winterbottom. The other climax is when they figured out the last letter and went to the address listed and found the violin.

Piece #7

3 Clues:

1. The Bassoon Player lives on 2j but not on Grand or Essex

2. The piano player lives on Hester Street, but not in Apt. 4M and not at no. 127 or no. 301.

3. The violinist does not live in the building located at 456 Granel or in Apt 7A

Piece #8

A hint about the solution is that when Margret found the Violin there was a letter attached to it.

Piece #9

I give this book an 8 out of 10. I liked it, but the story would get kind of confusing and hard to understand. I enjoyed the plot of the story and I thought the author did a great job writing the book.