Religouis Freedom in the New World

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What's the background information?

Not to long ago , King Charles II declared anyone that wasn't part of the Catholic branch to leave England. That of course led to many groups such as the Puritans and Quakers to flee Europe. They settled throughout the New World in places like Pennsylvania, New England Colonies, and the Middle Colonies.

How have the Puritans and Quakers interacted with with local Native Americans?

The interaction for the Puritans was awful. The Puritans believed that their religion was "better and they usually tried to convert the Natives into Christianity and treated them harshly. They even killed off some of the Native Americans because of disagreements or if they refused to revert.

The Quakers did interact with the Native Americans but most of these interactions were peaceful because of their ideals of Pacifism. The Quakers (unlike many other colonists) didn’t think too badly about the Natives. Because they believed in tolerance, The Quakers usually did not try to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. The Quakers seemed to respect the beliefs of the Native Americans. Quaker missionary John Woolman even said: “In mine own eyes I appeared inferior to many amongst the Indian