Andres Guzman

Period 5


My name is Andres, I didn't have a thought of being this far in life but I am really thankful to see another day. As the days go by I seem to really live in the moment. I have a nephew that really helps me see how the patterns of life isn't that bad. I enjoy being creative and other things in that nature. Family really keeps me motivated if I cannot seem to find it within myself. I really enjoy being around family & I'm a believer in the saying "Blood makes you related but is Loyalty makes you family." School is a big priority in life right now, though I'm not really boring so bare with me. Sports is something I was looking forward to getting into in my Last year of high school. Although, I didn't get to join the Soccer team here at Penn, I still have goals to join a league. I would like to push further than I already have before so hope to see more from me .
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