By: Esha & Brynn


In Postville, there were many cultures and ethnicities that led to conflict between the "groups."

Residential Segregation

The residents of Postville did not want the Mexicans in their neighborhoods, so they increased the price of houses. The Mexicans could not afford these houses and were forced to live in trailer parks.


In Postville there are several races, but the main ones noted were the caucasians (the original residents), the Mexicans, and the Jewish (and no, that's not a race, but they are predominately Hebrew).


As time went on, the cultures and races started to accept each other more. Though some of the new Postville members didn't participate in the traditions of the town, they fit in a bit more and the original members started to be more accepting. They became less segregated and more one group again, Postville citizens.
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Local Culture

The local german residents of Postville were nearly mortified to change their their culture. They wanted to preserve it as much as possible.
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