Classical Conversations of Kenmore

Week 3 Wrap Up!

Smooth, easy days...?

Welcome to the honeymoon. You may not know what I'm talking about yet, but by this point in the year, many kids are starting to settle in to the new routine. They're just about used to this new thing we call "CC", and they've got a few good friends. Their tutor knows their name, the games are fun, and doing CC at home is still new and exciting! Enjoy these next few weeks and try to have fun with them! When the rain sets in, and the friends start to get annoying, and the classroom is no longer exciting, the kids behavior may start to waiver. Don't lose hope!

We all have ups and downs with each new thing we do - you may not be experiencing the 'up' yet! Each child will have their own pattern to follow, and will all come around eventually. Don't be discouraged if you're still having trouble doing school at home - especially if this is your first year, or your kids are small. School for the younger ages is mostly just to get them used to doing it - anything they retain is bonus! I'll make a confession - this is the first year that my schedule has actually worked!! Abby is in second grade, and finally has to maturity to work with me, and spends less time working against me. Keep the faith!! Take a few minutes this week and email the other moms in your child's class - plan a park day and share the encouraging things that are happening in your house!!

Timeline - Age of Ancient Empires Video

You must be logged in to C3 to access this copyrighted content. Your child's tutor may have simplified some of the very fast or complicated signs. The video is also quite flowing and graceful, which is not exactly how I do it :-D

Week 3 Lesson Plan:

Here is the planner that our tutors used to organize new grammar this week. It's just an outline, and your child's tutor may have needed a change a thing or two, but you should be able to use this with your kids at home!

Week 3 Lesson Planner

Week 3 And Beyond

How some of this week's content will be further explored in Essentials and Challenge!

For Week 4:

Many of you are getting mixed up, reading that silly chart in the parent handbook. Just keep an eye on this space to see when you're on duty!! I'll change the format here and see if it helps!

Family Presentation:

Red: Kitchen & Bath

Orange: Fellowship Hall Clean Up (after lunch)

Yellow: Playground Supervisors (12:25 - 1pm)

Green: Nursery Help (need to go in before Opening)



Student Presentation Topic: Favorite Bible Story

(topics are suggestions only, use whatever your family likes!)

Download the Ross King Exodus 20 Song Here!!

$0.99 download on Apple or Android!

Upcoming Events:

Fri, Oct 2: Week 4 & Open House

Fri, Oct 9: Week 5

Tue, Oct 13, 10am-1pm: Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, Stocker Farms, SIGN UP!! Plan to arrive early to deal with parking, potty etc. Field trip is led by a member of the staff and will BEGIN promptly at 10am!!

Open House - Week 4:

Next week is scheduled to be an Open House - for people who may be hearing about CC late, and are still interested in seeing the program and possibly joining us. As of today, we have NO ONE signed up, so it might be a non-issue!

If you have a friend who would like to come, please send them THIS LINK to sign up. Please do NOT invite them to simply come with you!! I will need extra supplies for each student, and the tutors need time to prepare for an extra student.

Community Announcements:

  • The Core Book Club was really good this week! It's not to late if you want to join! Just email me and I can send you the link!
  • Great job picking a class and staying there! Most of the tutors had help all day - thank you! If you notice that you picked a class and there are LOTS of moms there, consider slipping to another one for the rest of the day.
  • Thank you so much to Jaimie & Eva for help in the nursery today!
  • I re-sent an invitation to the yearbook today. Let me know if you didn't get it. There is an app for Andriod that lets you upload photos straight from your phone - someone with an iPhone check and see if you can find one - look for TreeRing. You'll probably need to set up your account from a computer before signing in with the app.
Online Community Calendar

This interactive calendar will always have all our events listed, and you can click to add any event to your personal calendar!

Yearbook Update!

We need to pick a theme for our yearbook! Please click HERE to see the options, then vote on your favorite! All voting must be completed by Oct. 16 - Picture Day!!

I've had 3 votes so far... you don't get to complain that you don't like the yearbook format if you don't vote!!

Online Extras:

Here are a few things that may go well with that we are learning this week. Some correlations are quite loose.

Please preview any online content for your own children. Not all content will be appropriate for all ages, or for your particular family.

Week 3

NF Magic School Bus - S3:E12 - Interconnected Life (general life science)

NF Cat in the Hat - S1:E7 - animals who live in trees, camouflage

Reading Correlations

Compare this weeks History, Science & Geography with Story of The World, Mystery of History, and the "All you need to know about..." series! Perfect if your student needs to do some reading, or wants just a little bit more information!

Encouraging Video of the week - What if everyone had a classical education?

Not CC specifically, but this is another Christian, classical program. See, we're not alone!
What if everyone had a classical education?: Rebekah Hagstrom at TEDxMahtomedi