Damseld Distressed

Kelsey Macke


Your life is, well, perfect. It's everything that a little kid ask for, happiness, love, kindness, and laughter. Then, just one thing, can change everything. Your perspective on things, how you act, how you, and your family acts. Everything, and you think that nothing will ever be as it was.


Imogen; the main character, is a over-weight, depressed, anxiety seventeen year old. When Imogen was ten years old, her mom died, causing Imogen's and her dads life spiraling out of control. Six years later, Imogen's dad started dating someone, and his girlfriend has a daughter the same age as Imogen, Carmella. That same night, Imogen cut herself, and Carmella was there. A year later, Imogen's dad; who was barely around anymore, married Carmella's mom. And Imogen has to figure out how to live with her every day, without Imogen wanting to have a break down everyday.



This may just be me, but I have always thought of someone or something by when a major point happened that, good or bad. The minute something bad happens to me, I automatically think I'm having a bad day, when in realty, something good must have happened and I just thought too much on the bad problem. But after reading "Damsel Distressed", maybe me think that there is so much more than that, in people, days, life's, families, anything. You can't determine something, or someone by the day, or by what happened when that certain person was around.