Sunroof Project


What would need to be changed and why? What is a sunroof? Where are the sunroofs going?

We are planning to make a sunroof. We will be changing the roof and replacing it with sunroofs . The reason we are doing this is to save electricity ,because we feel that Coppell schools are using too much electricity per month .

A sunroof is a panel on a roof that gives of sun light, so instead of using electricity for light we can just use sunlight.

Our plan is to install a sunroof in every classroom ,we will not install it In the gym or the hallways .

Our plan it a school setting

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Who would implement the sunroof? How will our school maintain the sunroof ?Who's permission do we need?

  • will need permission from CMS West princeable and Coppell ISD School Disrtict
  • don't need to hire anybody to maintain the sunroof
  • it will take 1-2 summer(s)
  • we don't want kids to be in school while construction
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What would be the cost to implement vs. savings it would allow? How will you raise the money to carry out your plan

  • Cost would be $165.00 approximently for a sun roof
  • It would save light energy and electricity energy by a lot.
  • Fundraisers
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pro's and con's

pro's and con's is all about the good stuff and the bad stuff. here are some of my pro's and con's 1.saves a lot of electricity get a good breeze

3.helping the earth

now here are some examples of the con's.

1.cost a lot of money don't light at night

3.when it rains it could leak

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