Week in a Wink

May 16, 2016

Faculty Meeting Follow Up

Just a few things as a follow up to last week's faculty meeting:

1. Write F&P INSTRUCTIONAL levels on the white F&P folder in cume file. You may add the cover sheet to the file- no need to add in the running record. If the cume file is missing the F&P file folder let your team leader know so we can order more for next year. Any questions talk to Patti! :)

2. Correction to student goal setting: In order for students to have made their goal this year, they have to meet 1 out of 3 goals (not 2 out of 3 goals) in literacy. I'll need to know by June 6th how many students in your class met their goal: send me a class list with the names highlighted of students who MET their goal (at least 1 out of 3 literacy goals met). Any questions talk to your team leader. :)

Fun Calendar Facts

Monday is Drawing Day (draw a picture!)

Tuesday is World Baking Day (bake cake and share it)

Wednesday is Dirty Dishes Day and Golf Day (go golfing and leave the dishes in the sink)

Thursday is Notebook Day (hey speaking of notebook....send that WOW! journal around to someone who hasn't received it!)

Friday is Pizza Party Day (hmmm..order a pizza for lunch!)

Movie Review

I went to see Captain America this weekend at the AMC Theater at Hawthorn Mall. We went to the fancy schmancy movie theater with the seats that recline, shudder with the sound of the movie, etc. Wow what an experience! It was my first time there and it was pretty cool. Though the price of a ticket...just to have you chair shudder and move to the movie...wow!

Anyways I give the movie 3 popcorn boxes out of 4! Lots of action, fight scenes, great special effects and some humorous parts. If you haven't seen it...GO! I'm not a big action figure or super hero buff but I liked it.


Pledge: Johnson

Goal Reflection DUE- if you had a goal this year, please take time to write a few sentences as a reflection on your goal! Thanks! (due date is today, May 15th)


F&P and MAP Testing continues


8:00 Lightning Squad meets in Rathe's room

2nd grade Field Trip to the Zoo!!! ;)

7:00PM Band Concert



PM 5th grade Planning Time

7:00PM Eagles Chorus Musical


8:00- Principal for a Day Interviews with Artful Learning Team

8:00/3:00- IEP Consult meetings Week "A"

5th grade Healthy Lifestyles Assembly starting 1:30ish

5th grade Teacher Interviews starting at 3:30 in conference room

Placement Day!! (all day- refer to schedule from your team leader)


TL Spirit Day

8:00 Breakfast with 1st year teachers and building mentors...a celebration!! (TL and DL)