Sergei Nikolaevitch Winogradsky

1856-1953 Russian Microbiologist

Sergei Winogradski

Sergei Winogradsky was born September 1, 1856 in Kiev, Russian Empire and died February 25, 1953 Brie-Comte-Robert, France. He was a Ukrain-Russian Microbiologist, ecologist and soil scientist who was inspired by scientist like Anton de Bory, Nikolai Menshutkin (chemistry) , Nevskia Famintzin (botany) and Martinus Beijerinck and inspired Martinus himself and Seiman Waksman who are also scientists. He grew up very wealthy so you can imagine he changed majors very fast and got bored very easily. He went from trying to get a law degree then science then music then science again and finally he decided on a college and graduated in 1881 age 24 and recieved a degree in Science and a Masters degree in Botany at age 28(ish). By 1885, he began work at the University of Strasbourg under the renowed botanist Anton de Bary.

His discoveries, foundations, and other.

  • Chemosynthesis- an entirely new mode of life, in which the energy to build organic molecules comes from chemical reactions rather then from sunlight in the more familiar photosynthesis.
  • invented the Winogradsky column
  • Discovered and isolated nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil that make nitrates available to green plants.
  • Founded Microbial ecology, where the interactions of microles in cycle with their natural enviroments are studied holistically.
  • pioneered the cycle of life concept

Sergei's contribution to science

Sergei Winogradsky was the first to develop the concept of chemolithotrophy (use inorganic compounds for aerobic or anaerobic respiration) and to thereby reveal the essential role played by microorganisms in geochemical processes. He was responsible for the first isolation and description of both nitrifying and nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Sergei's Awards...

Leeuwenhoek Medal (1935)

Fellow of the Royal Society


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