Mexican Revolution

Mason & Amanda

When and Where

*The war was started on 1810 September 16

*The war ended on August 24 1821

*The war took place in Mexico and Spain


*People wanted Independence from Spain in Mexico

*People wanted redistribution of land

*People wanted Racial Equality

*Hidalgo was defeated captured and executed


*Miguel Hidalgo started the war of independence and was a catholic Priest

*Viceroy Juan de O'Donoju was a Spanish leader for independence and approved the plan to make Mexico A constitutional monarchy

*Jose Maria Morelos Y Pavon, Mariono Matamoros and Vicente Guerrero were all people who led armies of peasants and natives.

*Augustin de Iturbide was the Royalist forces


*In 1822 Iturbide was proclaimed the emperor of Mexico

*They did gain independence from Spain

*The independence was short lived and ended in 1823

*It was then turned into a republic

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