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While working in imovie this year i learned that you can add in sound effects from a very wide variety of sound effects that will fit to any theme. I also learned that you can add in music that you have downloaded on your device or chose from the many they have available for you to use. Lastly, i learned that you can use different effect like transitions and themes to make your recordings look more like a professional movie.


After creating our imovie project we experiment with itrailer. In itrailer i learned that you can pick your theme from a big variety of themes they have ore made and ready to use. I learned you can add your own pictures and videos and put them into your project. Lastly, I learned that you can design your own story board according to the theme of your project.

Haiku deck

In haiku deck I learned that you can make your own presentation.They have lots of different charts and ways to organize your information and thinking. They have lots of different images to chose from according to the theme of your presentation. They also make it available to have the option to import your own image if you don't like the images they give you. lastly I learned that you can organize your information in a numbered list, bullet point list, or in a banner for your tittle page.

Explain everything

While working in explain everything this year I learned that you can write and draw with your finger on your ipad. You can also pick from a variety of colors they have already made for you or make your own on the color wheel. If writing with you finger is not your thing, you can type on your slides with many fonts they have available. They also have the option to use a laser pointer if you are presenting to a class or a group of people. I also learned that you can add in pictures from the internet or chose one from you device library. Lastly, while working I noticed you can also add voice recording to your slides describing them more in detail.

Go Animate

This program was my favorite one we worked on this year. This is a program only available on a computer. In this program you can make a cartoon based on the subject of your choice. First you pick a background from the ones they have available. Next you add in your character, you can use the ones they have already but you also have the option to make a custom character to fit your cartoon better and give it a more professional look. next it us time to add in your props to make your scene even more spectacular.all you have to do is look up the prop you what in the search tab and they will most likely have a prop according to your request. Next you and in actions like walking, sitting, running,talking on the phone, you name it! Lastly you have to add talking. you choose the character you want to talk. then you add what you want to say in the box. They have a large variety of really silly voices that your character can use. well that's it, with the wide variety of effects the possibility are endless!


While working in smore this year I learned that you can make your own flyer. This is also a computer program. On this site you can add little snip bits of text to your flyer. You can also pick fonts, colors, and backgrounds according to the theme of your flyer. They have a lot of different themes to chose from to make your flyer even more unique. you can add images to go along with your text or just and image. you can add events, bios, audio, links, and a video. this tool is very simple and easy to use.

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