By:Eduardo Villa

A is for Armada

An armada is a flet of ships that was used to do battle.

B is for Bunker

A bunker is a place for protection during war.

C is for Camouflage

Camouflage is to hide the presence of a animal

D is for Dictator

A dictator is a ruler with total power over a country

E is for Evacuate

Evacuate is to remove someone from a place of danger to a safe place.

F is for Flame thrower

A flame thrower is a weapon that sprays out fire.

G is for grenade

A grenade is a small bomb thrown by a hand.

H is for Higginsboat

A Higgins boat is a small shallow -draft.

I is for Invasion

Invasion is when you go some where and attack.

J is for Jump zone

A Jump zone is a drop zone is war.

K is for Kamikaze

A kamikaze is when an aircraft is loaded with explosives and military equipment.

L is for Landing craft

A landing craft is a boat specially desinged for putting craft troops and military equipment.

M is for Mine

a mine is an explosive devise.

N is for Navy

The Navy is the branch of the nations armed sea military.

O is for OSS

OSS stans for office of strategic srvice.

P is for Pillbox

A pillbox is a bunker.

Q is for Quonset hut

A quonset hut is a building made of corrugates metal.

R is for Rangers

Rangers is a keeper of a park.

S is for Sword Beach

A Sword Beach is a code name given to five main landing areas.

T is for Teamwork

Teamwork is a group of people working together.

U is for USO

USO is a large organization that needed to support military.

V is for Victory

Victory is to win.

W is for world war 2

World war 2 was a fight all over the world.

X is for X-ray

X-ray is an electro magnetic wave of high energy.

y is for yamamoto

The meaning of that word is base of mountain.

Z is for operation zeppeline

That is a plan carried out by the Allies