Dear Families,

It’s amazing how quickly the past several weeks have flown by and we find ourselves at another recess from school. Your children continue to amaze us each and every day with their kindness, perseverance and understanding of the world around them.

March was filled with wonderful events! We cannot thank the PTA and PARP Committee enough for a fantastic calendar of events. Each day was filled with wonderful activities that kept all students energized and reading!

We also continued our journey to earn our designation as a No Place for Hate school for the third year in a row! Please be on the lookout after break for our third project, which will involve parent help at home.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter, Passover, Spring Recess and time with your children! We will see the students back at Schwarting on Tuesday, April 6, 2021!

Warm Regards,

Schwarting Staff

Check out all the great things happening:


The kindergartners have been busy little bees. In phonics, they have been tapping out cvc words and practicing snap words. They have also worked on building word families.

They continue to be avid readers while reading on their iPad, from their book bags, and during shared reading, as well.

The children also continue to work on their persuasive writing. Why should they get to stay up late or eat that extra cookie?

In math, they are discovering two dimensional shapes. They are counting sides and vertices, and discussing the unique qualities of each shape (curves/straight lines/parallel lines).

We continue to study weather and climate in the classroom. The children have also had the opportunity to visit the STEAM room this month. They are learning about insects vs arachnids (6 legs/8 legs; head, thorax, abdomen; exoskeleton). They enjoyed building insects out of playdoh. Also, after working on blueprints, our little engineers built new, strong chairs for baby bear. Each chair was tested for durability.

The kids had a blast on St. Patrick's Day. The leprechauns left little trinkets and the kids enjoyed special crafts. We would like to thank the PTA for their generosity and support with holidays.

As the weather begins to warm up, we are able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Please continue to send in a little hoodie, extra water bottles and extra masks, as we go through them quite often.

We look forward to all of the new and exciting opportunities that spring will offer us.

First Grade

First grade worked really hard at becoming bosses. Bosses of their reading! With new strategies in their toolbox they took charge of their reading. Now that they have detective badges and a toolbox full of strategies they are ready to take on the next Readers Workshop unit, Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons: A Study of Story Elements. In phonics, the children learned about vowel teams, in the phonics unit and word builders. They helped Rasheed, our class mascot, build lots of words, make warning signs and complete a vowel team chart.

Next up for phonics is, PHONICS BOOT CAMP and our first graders are definitely ready. Their phonics muscles are growing with each lesson. It doesn't stop there, our first graders just finished writing reviews. They enjoyed reviewing there favorite restaurants, movies, vacation spots, even books. They enjoyed writing their opinions on why their topic was the best and even included personal experiences. Up next for our writers/authors is writing fiction stories.

Onto math, where the children have been learning about comparing numbers. They have been working on looking at numbers and determining if they are greater than, less than or equal to.

Finally, now that spring has sprung, the children are enjoying outdoor recess and learning about plants and how they grow.

Second Grade

During reading workshop the children are reading series books learning to keep track of the characters in longer books, discussing story elements with partners while making inferences to gain a deeper understanding of their books.

During writing workshop the children are writing about the books they are reading including writing letters and nominations for their favorite book.

In math the children are learning to count money and tell time. ​

Third Grade

Our third graders have been working very hard! They have enjoyed working with research clubs during Reading Workshop and writing about their research during Writing Workshop! The students are excited about the amazing collaborative non-fiction animal books they just finished.

In math, third graders are learning how to order and compare fractions.

In science they have been experimenting with forces in physics. They are having a great time learning about pushes, pulls, balanced force, unbalanced force, gravitational force, magnetic force, electrostatic force, frictional force and elastic force.

Ask them about it…they love to teach others what they have learned!

Fourth Grade

In reading, writing, and social studies, the 4th grade students worked hard researching the American Revolution. Students wrote informational books, including information on both the events leading up to the American Revolution and related sub topics. Students also took the position of a Patriot or Loyalist, arguing to either remain loyal to Great Britain or fight for their independence.

In science, we completed a Structures of Life unit, learning about different types of living organisms.

In math, we completed chapters related to adding, subtracting, renaming and multiplying fractions.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade has entered spring wrapping up chocolate milk argument essays and research groups for debating such topics as risks in extreme sports and should animals be kept in zoos?

We have explored various math concepts involving fractions. We have used virtual fraction strips, models, and expressions to find sums, differences, products, and quotients.

We researched, planned, created, and compared engineering projects in STEAM. We capped off our rotation by blasting off rockets outside in the field and watched the bottles hurl toward the clouds.

In social studies, we learned about explorers, the importance of the Columbian Exchange, and how our nation began. We are becoming experts in map skills navigating our way through oceans, over continents, and examining our bordering countries to the north and south.

Art Class with Mrs. Loso

March is Youth Art Month. We celebrated by participating in a schoolwide Art Madness tournament. 16 pieces of artwork were selected for our bracket and students were encouraged to vote on Google Forms in their Art Google Classroom. We are narrowing down to the final match up after the break. Which artwork will prevail and become the Art Madness Champion?

This past month, the fifth graders have created self portraits to commemorate their time in Schwarting. The students traced their photograph with permanent marker. They came out great.

The kindergartners continue to mature and grow artistically. We were able to paint, cut, glue, and create digital art this month.

Library with Mrs. Koppas

We have been very busy during the month of March. The second graders have been learning about ecosystems, and how animals survive and live in different environments around the world.

The students also created a book that included a fact sheet, and picture which illustrated the animals, plants and geographic features of each area. The students worked hard and did an excellent job creating their book.

Our fourth grade classes have also been engaged in learning about the American Revolution through literature, videos, and many non-fiction resources. The students conducted research, took notes, and used the App Book Creator to compose a nonfiction book about the Revolution.

Our fourth graders did an amazing job creating illustrations, a table of contents, a glossary, as well as, learning how to paraphrase, and cite their sources for this book project.

Music with Ms. Gonzalez

Instrumental lessons are on a Week A and Week B schedule. Students have lessons every other week. Instrumental lessons cannot be rescheduled or made up if they are cancelled for the day.

The deadline for recording NYSSMA scales and solos on flipgrid is April 9th.

In general music, first graders are learning how to play songs with boomwhackers, keep a steady beat and perform rhythmic patterns using the syllables: beet, cherry, avocado and "shh"

Third graders are learning how to read music on the grand staff using treble clef and bass clef. They will also be starting their "Music & Me" project and continuing it in June.

Physical Education

This month we have been working on eye-foot coordination. We played sink the ship and various pin games. The kids had an awesome time and are looking forward to getting outside now that the weather is getting nicer!


Our STEAM program continues to be an engaging place where students can continue to explore, build, program, and most importantly persevere by developing a growth mindset. Each grade-level has exposure to the STEAM program in rotating three week intervals featuring coding, growth mindset, greenhouse based activities and more. Thank you for your continued support of our STEAM program and looking forward to seeing your children on their next STEAM rotation!

Our fourth grade students rang in the new year diving deeper into coding. They sharpened their programming skills using robots such as Ozobot and Dash & Dot through a series of challenges. Students also had the opportunity to use our 3D doodler pens to create 3D structures. Students also explored features of Google Slides through an animation project where they learned about stop animation. To complete their STEAM experiences this year, the 4th graders planted succulents. These were the same plants they propagated in the fall!

Our first graders learned what it means to develop a growth mindset where we never give up! Students learned the theme of the story, The Dot by Peter Reynolds and they were encouraged to share how they can ‘make their mark’ on the world. They explored 3-D structures, as well as line segments, to create a beautiful masterpiece. To enhance their science unit, the students learned about the human body and the various systems. They were so excited to make a model of the respiratory system and had the opportunity to share it with their families.

Our fifth grade scientists became well versed in rocket science, 3D printing, chemistry, coding, and engineering. Students were introduced to 3D printing by using the 3Doodler pens in learning how to print their name. They then used computer aided design to 3D printing is the future and students are so grateful to have access to it in STEAM. 3D Doodler pens are great for beginners just learning how to print. Students used the 3D pens in STEAM to bring their imagination to life. We learned how to make shapes and then letters using the pens. To end the 3D printing unit, we used a website called TinkerCAD. We then were able to send the keychain that we created to the 3D printer right from our own Chromebooks. They were so excited to receive their keepsakes from their elementary school.

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