Gender in School Sports

By: Olivia Tabash

Sports Shouldn't Mix Genders

If a guy is playing on a girls sports team, he is taking the place of her position and she will have to be benched. It is an advantage to the team because as guys get older they get stronger and also faster. Girls could get hurt and will not get fair playing time.

It affects athletes by...

It affects athletes by boys having more sports opportunities than girls do. Boys are offered 43 options and girl are only offered 32 sports to play. So it would be unfair for boys to play on girls sports team because the have fewer athletic options. Therefore boys shouldn't have the pleasure of playing on a girls team.

Fun Facts!!!

Fact #1

Approximately 50,000 men and less than 80 women received athletic scholarships to colleges and universities.

Fact #2

Separate teams for boys and girls must be provided, but students of both genders must be allowed to try out for the same team.