How to buy property in Dubai

How to buy property in Dubai as a foreign expat?

How to buy property in Dubai as a foreign expat?

Dubai is not only a modern business hub and a safe place to live but it also offers a lavish lifestyle and great financial opportunities. Many people throughout the world are seeking to buy real estate in Dubai for living and for business purposes. It is a place that can offer numerous opportunities to fulfill your dreams and to enjoy a pleasant and safe environment. As a foreigner, you are permitted to buy a property in the free-hold areas such as Dubai Marina, downtown, and Jumeirah Village. However, buying a property in this place is a streamlined process but it involves some legal processes that you may not familiar with. So, in order to buy a property without any stress, you should consult with a lawyer or property conveyancer to know how to buy property in Dubai? It is sure that by seeking legal help you will get your dream estate without any hassle.

Get a real estate deal with no mess:

As a foreigner investor, you may not familiar with the rules and regulations to buy a residential or commercial property in Dubai or any other emirate of UAE. So, it is essential for you to seek the legal advice of a lawyer or conveyancer who can make you understand the rules and terms that you need to follow to buy a property. You should tell your requirements to the lawyer for example if you want to buy a villa, a luxury apartment, a warehouse, or a business office, etc. The lawyer will make you understand the required paperwork and also assist in completing the documentation to get approval from the officials to invest in the property and to get ownership without any hardship. The lawyer will take care of legal documents and also prepare them for the application process to enable you to buy a property without any fault.

Follow the right procedure to get approval for property transfer:

Many foreign expats do not know how to buy property in Dubai? So being one of them, getting legal help from an expert lawyer will help you to follow the right procedure to make the correct transfer for property ownership to your name. You have to get approval from the Dubai land department to get the property transferred from the seller to you that requires following a legal procedure. The lawyer or conveyancer will assist you with the whole process and ensure that all the required documents are completed as per the official requirements and also submit the application for the final transfer of property to your name as a buyer. The process may take a month to complete but with the assistance of an expert, you can get the approval without any complexity.

Make a check for the property’s papers and title:

As a foreign expat, you need proper guidance while dealing with the seller to ensure that the property has no disputes. A lawyer will make a check with the papers and title of the property to ensure you are buying the right estate.