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September 2021 Family Edition

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Welcome Back Dozier Ducks

Welcome back all you Ducks and Ducklings!

For all our new Ducks, my name is Mrs. Beaver, and I am Dozier's School Librarian. I helped open Dozier in 2016. I have 18 years experience in the library, and this will be my 26th year in education. (I've also taught 2nd grade self-contained, and 6th grade reading.)

This newsletter contains a plethora of information. Please take time to read through it, as you may find answers to many of your questions.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way!

Library Book Checkout

Our students are so excited and eager to begin checking out books. I will finish Library Orientation next week, and checkout will begin after the Labor Day holiday.

K & 1 - 1 book

2 & 3 - 2 books

4 & 5 - 3 books

Kindergarten will begin checking out a library book the week of September 13th, as we're still working on library rules and procedures, as well as how we take care of library books at home. Look for "My Book Care Book" to come home the week of September 6th. Please read this with your child and review library book good practices with your student.

**Coming Soon: Information about Parent Checkout**

Reading Blackout is BACK!!

Reading Blackout is an optional reading incentive program designed to motivate and reward students for reading a variety of books.

Students will receive their first card (red) on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. Students will then read books that fit in the categories printed in each square. Once a book is read entirely, the student will write the title of the book in the square. When every square has been filled, an adult will need to sign and date the card. The card should then be returned to Mrs. Beaver in the library. Students have, on average, about 4 weeks to complete each card.

There are 6 cards total, and each card earns a prize and brag tag. If your student completes all 6 cards, with each card being turned in on time, he/she will earn an invitation to the Purple People Party in May. So far our ducks have been rollerskating, swimming at the YMCA, and to watch a movie. Who knows what this year will bring!!

Everything you need to know about Reading Blackout is on the back of each Reading Blackout card. If, after you've read the Reading Blackout Information, you still have questions, please feel free to contact me. The best way to do this is through email, as I am with students most of the day. My email is

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Speedy Checkout

Yes, Speedy Checkout is BACK!! Speedy Checkout is a short time during the day when any student, with his/her, teacher's permission, may come to the library and check-in and check-out library books. Speedy Checkout will begin the week of September 13th for 1st through 5th grades.

Kinder will begin Speedy Checkout after they have checked out books with me during library class.

Speedy Checkout times:

Monday 9:15-9:45

Tuesday 12:45-1:15

Wednesday 1:30-2:00

Thursday 11:00-11:30

Friday 8:15-8:45

If your student needs a certain book for Reading Blackout, please send them with a sticky note. This will allow me to help her/him find the book they need.

Big picture

Library Book Care

It's the beginning of the year. Please help me review book care with your students. One of your biggest issues is water bottles. Please help your students remember that water bottles and lunch boxes do NOT belong inside their backpacks with their library books. Please have your students place their water bottles in an outside pocket of their backpack, and carry their lunch boxes. We understand that accidents happen, but these precautions will help tremendously.

Accidents happen!! If an accident does happen, please have your student bring the library book to Mrs. Beaver. Mrs. Beaver will examine the book and let the student know if the book can be fixed, and how much, or if there is a fine.

Please DO NOT try to fix books at home. The library has special supplies that are made for repairing library books.

Thank you for your help in keeping our Dozier library books in good shape!

Book Fines

The following information was taken from the EMS-ISD Library Services Guide.

Late Materials

Elementary schools do not charge fines for late items.

Lost Materials

The borrower is responsible for lost books and should pay for these at the replacement values. If the title is no longer available, the borrower should be charged the price of a comparable title.

Damaged Materials

Librarians can utilize the fine schedule below for damaged materials at his/her discretion.

Fine Schedule

Pencil/ink marks 25 cents per page

Torn page (repairable) $1.00 per page

Binding damage 1/2 to total book price

Cover damage $1.00 to total book price

Missing barcode/spine label $1.00 per label

Water/food damage Total price of book

Lost book Total price of book

Missing page(s) Total price of book

Excessive writing Total price of book

Other damage Librarian's discretion

**If you found a library book over the summer, PLEASE bring it back. Mrs. Beaver can even return books to other libraries within our district.**

MakerSpace is back in the Library

We are bringing MakerSpace back during library class. We are in need of a few items that will help our students continue to think at higher levels and collaborate successfully with others. If you have any of the following items and you don't use them, or would like to gift them to the Dozier Library MakerSpace, please send them to Mrs. Beaver in the Library.

Board Games (games that can be completed in 15-20 minutes)

Candy Land

Chutes and Ladders

Connect Four

Guess Who





Charades for Kids


Decks of playing cards

Wooden dominoes

Any game that is a Brain Teaser:

Rubik's Cube


Rush Hour

Animal Logic



Thank you for your support!!

Important Dates

September 1 Summer Reading Bingo Blackout due to Mrs. Beaver in the Dozier Library

October 20-29 Storybook Pumpkin Patch

October 4-8 Book Fair

March 7-10 Book Fair

April 3-9 National Library Week

April 12 D.E.A.R. Day

Reading Blackout Due Dates

Red Thursday, September 30, 2021

Orange Thursday, October 28, 2021

Yellow Thursday, December 2, 2021

Green Thursday, January 6, 2022

Blue Thursday, February 3, 2022

Purple Thursday, March 3, 2022

That's all Folks!

I hope you enjoyed the newsletter and were able to find the answers to some of your questions. I hope to see and/or talk to you soon.

Take care!!

Heather Beaver

Dozier Elementary School

Library Media Specialist

Looking Ahead

Book Fair

Storybook Pumpkin Patch

Parent checkout

Battle of the Books

Bluebonnet - Read 5 then decide (3-5)

Texas 2x2 (K-2)

Databases and the Library Catalog

Audio and eBooks

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