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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

This week we invite you to reflect on what you are grateful for.

We are grateful for all of you. We are also grateful for the land we are living, studying, learning, teaching, and working on.

Cornell University is located on the traditional homelands of the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ' (the Cayuga Nation). The Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ' are members of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, an alliance of six sovereign nations with a historic and contemporary presence on this land. The confederacy precedes the establishment of Cornell University, New York state and the United States of America. We acknowledge the painful history of Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ' dispossession, and honor the ongoing connection of Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ' people, past and present, to these lands and waters.

This land acknowledgment has been reviewed and approved by the traditional Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ' leadership.

In community,
The Skorton Center for Health Initiatives at Cornell Health
part of Student and Campus Life at Cornell University

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Have a restful and restorative Thanksgiving Break!

Whether you're staying in Ithaca or traveling for the University break, we hope you enjoy this break from classes and school work.

Some of us may be looking forward to going home or visiting family and friends, others may be staying in the Ithaca area (for those sticking around, see below for some activities you can enjoy in Ithaca this week).

Going back home after being away for so long, might not feel quite the same as it did before you left for school. That’s because you’re not quite the same as you were before going away. You’ve been slowly but surely learning to live without the familiar routines of home. You’ve met new people and gained new perspectives. We also recognize that spending break with family can be a complex and stressful situation for many students. If you feel that you need support, don't hesitate to reach out to one of the resources listed in this newsletter.

Big picture

Gratitude is an attitude you can cultivate by noticing and appreciating the little (and BIG) things that are good in life. People who practice gratitude have a stronger immune system, sleep better, and feel more alive. Research also confirms that gratitude can reduce depression and increase positive emotions. Gratitude is something you can choose, even when things are difficult. When things go well, you can be grateful and savor the moment. When things go poorly, you can choose to focus on the positive things in your life, and remember that negative situations are temporary.

Staying in Ithaca Over Thanksgiving Break?

Annual Celebration of Gratitude Dinner on Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 25 from 11:30am to 4pm
Seatings are available for 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.
Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery, 3rd Floor

We welcome Cornell's international community, all Cornellians, and friends in the local community for the 34th Annual Celebration of Gratitude Dinner on Thanksgiving Day at Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery.

All tickets must be purchased in advance. To buy a ticket and learn more visit here.

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Cornell Events Calendar

If you're looking for something to do in Ithaca, check out Cornell's Events Calendar for in-person and virtual events. There are events taking place every day during Thanksgiving Break.

Ithaca's Farmers Market

Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 2pm
Location: Steamboat Landing (545 3rd Street, Ithaca, NY 14850)

Ithaca's Farmers Market has something for everyone including a variety of eat-on-site and take-out entrées, baked goods and beverages to delight every taste, as well as fresh produce, free-range eggs, meat and cheese, specialty foods, and fine art and crafts.

The Farmer's Market is located in a beautiful park on the Cayuga Lake waterfront. Extend your stay by taking a leisurely stroll along the Cayuga Waterfront trail (which you can access from the Farmer's Market).

A Gratitude Break - Free Meditation from Insight Timer

Try this 6-minute Gratitude Break Meditation from Insight Timer.

Gratitude practice is a perfect pick me up for any time of day and this short practice keeps in mind that many of us are very busy. Gratitude practices are valuable for anyone but can be particularly useful when we're facing challenges.

Insight Timer has an extensive free version of the app including over 60,000 meditations and new free tracks are always being added.

Nature Up!

Make some time to enjoy the outdoors during Thanksgiving Break. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you're going home for break, visit a park or natural area that you loved growing up and embrace the nostalgia!
  • Run or walk in a Turkey Trot! There are lots of Thanksgiving day runs across the country.
  • If there is snow where you'll be spending your break, take a walk in the snow, go sledding, or play in the snow!

EARS Peer Mentors Are Here for You!

Looking for a Mentor?

Drop by an EARS Peer Mentor drop-in location across campus to chat with a trained EARS Peer Mentor!

Upcoming dates for EARS Peer Mentoring Hours before and after Thanksgiving break:

  • Tuesday, November 23
  • On Pause for Thanksgiving Break
  • Tuesday, November 30
  • Wednesday, December 1
  • Thursday, December 2

Peer Mentor Drop-In locations:

  • North Campus: 626 Thurston Room 103 from 5 - 8pm
  • Central Campus: Willard Straight Hall Room 605 from 5 - 9pm
  • Collegetown: Eissner Pavilion (outside of Schwartz) from 5 - 9pm

Looking Ahead to After Thanksgiving Break

Mindfulness for Managing Anxiety

Monday, November 29 from 3:30 - 4:30pm

Free CAPS Workshop: Mindfulness for Managing Anxiety

Facilitator: Joy Mushabac, LCSW-R

Register for the November 29 Anxiety Management workshop

Regular mindfulness practice and mindful meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression while improving attention, clarity, concentration, and calm. Instead of being on “autopilot,” the skill of mindfulness is characterized by openness, attentiveness, and receptivity. This workshop will give you a taste of both mindfulness and meditation practice.

Sleep is (not) for the Weak

Wednesday, December 1 from 3 - 4pm
Free CAPS Workshop: Sleep is (not) for the Weak

Facilitator: Anastasia Zyuban, PhD

Register for the December 1 Sleep workshop

Do you find yourself staying up late to finish your work, only to feel sluggish the next day? When you do hit the sack, do you find it hard to shut off your brain? If so, you are not alone. Busy Cornell students often find themselves sacrificing sleep in order to meet the demands of school. This workshop addresses how sleeping properly can help you work more efficiently and improve your overall quality of life.

Go Easy on Yourself to Get Hard Things Done: A Workshop on Self-Compassion

Thursday, December 2 from 3:30 - 4:30pm

Free CAPS Workshop: Go Easy on Yourself to Get Hard Things Done: A Workshop on Self-Compassion

Facilitator: Sheila Singh, PhD

Register for the December 2 Self-Compassion workshop

In this workshop, we will discuss why we are self-critical, why that approach often backfires, and how to be kinder and more compassionate with yourself in order to do better and feel better.

247 Talk and Text Resources

Struggling and Need/Want someone to Talk With? You Are NOT Alone. Help is available any time day or night by connecting with the following resources. You don't have to be in crisis to take advantage of these free opportunities to speak or chat with a trained professional or volunteer who can listen to your concerns, and offer insight and advice.

The following resources are here to support you:

Cornell (24/7):

Ithaca hotlines (24/7):

National hotlines (24/7):

National text / chat services (24/7):

International services: