Be a Halcyon Ambassador!

For Taster Day students!

Why a Taster Day?

Many prospective parents and student want to experience Halcyon to make sure it is the right fit for them. We offer Taster Days to students who are seriously considering Halcyon as an option for their education.

Let's put ourselves in their shoes...

What if you were a Taster Day student in a new school with new teachers, new routines, new environments--- even a new country or a new language?!

You might pretend to be cool, but it can really be daunting and even slightly scary!

Having someone to guide you through the day will help you have a really great day... (even if you don't admit it!).

The importance of a Halcyon Ambassador...

  • We want our community to grow, and in order to help that community grow we want prospective students to have a positive day at Halcyon. As a Halcyon Ambassador, you can make that happen!
  • To be a Halcyon Ambassador is a fun way for you to meet a new friend. You are not necessarily going to be best friends, but its cool to be nice and inclusive!
  • It is also the chance for you to show a prospective student what a real day in the life of a Halcyon Student is all about.
  • It is a BIG responsibility, but we are here to help you!
  • You will totally get C&S points for this!

A good Halcyon Ambassador is about being:

  • inclusive,
  • caring,
  • attentive,
  • understanding with your new friend!

For example:

  • Include them in on what ever project you are working on in class, or what ever conversation, game, and task you are up to.
  • Be sure they are never left by themselves.
  • Ask about their life, school, interests, hobbies -- every person is different and has a story, and you can learn something new about someone!
  • Ironically, lunch time and break time can be challenging, as you might be drawn to be with your friends, be sure to pull up a chair for them during lunch and to include them in on any game or activity you are up to during lunch-- even if its homework (you never know-- they might be really smart and can give you a helping hand with that algebra!).
  • If they don't have an iPad, be sure to show them how you use it, and even let them have a go!

What a day might look like:

  • Your Taster Day buddy will arrive to Halcyon in the morning at 0830.
  • After an introduction, it would be good to give the Taster Day student a tour of the building to break to ice!
  • After a quick tour, take them to your advisory group and introduce them to your advisor and the group.
  • As the building and floors may seem confusing to a new person, be sure to take them from each lesson to lesson.
  • If you have PE, be sure they know where they can change.
  • If you don't know what lesson they should be going to (for example Language B classes), pop in to the Office and ask Mia.
  • Remember to show them the toilets too.

Some cool things to tell your Taster Day buddy about...

  • Afterschool activities
  • Lunchtime activities

  • iTunesU

  • Educational Apps

  • The many field trips you take (where have you been that was really interesting and exciting?)

  • Your vertical integrated advisory group

  • Community and service projects

  • Any fun, inspiring teachers

  • Vegetarian lunches