The Weekly Word

November 16th - 20th

Did you know.....

A quality teacher-student relationship means more than the combined power of all teaching and discipline techniques known to humankind.

A Day-Monday

8:15 PLC in the Library

11:30 Lunch in the lounge with Dr. Niehaus

He will spend the afternoon in classes

B Day-Tuesday

9:30 Suzannes' observation

Kindergarten and 1st grade health classes in the afternoon

1:45 IEP in the conference room

4:00 Vertical Team Meeting- Meet in the Library

C Day - Wednesday

S3 in the morning

11:30 - 12:30 Leader in Me Meegint

12:45 Town Hall Meeting

2nd Grade Health classes in the afternoon

Picture retake day

D Day-Thursday

Penny, Lori and Danielle to Port Huron to a Leader in Me Meeting

11:05- Liz and Andi observation?

12:00 Penny-Principal's meeting?

A Day-Friday

1:00 Danielle's observation