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Economic Impact

The economic impact of Everest has a benefit side and a negative side. The benefit of tourism is that a lot of money is made from how much money Nepal takes in from tourism. Since the 1950s, tourism has brought major economic changes to the Mount Everest region, leading to prosperity and growth for many Sherpas, but also changing techniques of land use and resource management and increasing pressures on high-latitude resources and environment. The government of Nepal emphasizes development and growth of tourism in order to secure foreign exchange and to continue economic growth. Though employment as a part of expedition is seasonal, most of the Sherpas are employed throughout the year by the mountaineering and trekking agencies based in Kathmandu. Also the income earned during the tourism season is sufficient for the rest of the year for them like food, lodging and other expenses are paid by the expedition enabling them to bring the entire paycheck home. These are all good benefits of tourism on Everest.

Mountains taller than 21,300 are money makers. The base height costs around $1,000 and increases $500 for every 1,640 feet . Since Mount Everest stands at a high elevated surface of 29,029 feet , the permit will run around $3350. Since many people climb Everest, Nepal makes a lot of money from both climbers and tourist.


Climate on Everest

Everest's climate reaches an extreme level of coldness it reaches about-33 degrees Fahrenheit. On the summit, the climate averages about -36 degrees Celsius and can drop to -60 degrees Celsius, usually in January. At no point in time does the temperature increase above freezing. In winter or spring westerly winds blow against the peak or around it making it harder to climb. In summer or monsoon season, it is almost snow or rainfall every day. But at the summit of Everest, there are less chances of precipitation, except for the monsoon season. Storms can happen spontaneously and temperatures can decrease anytime.

It is unclear how climate change will impact Mount Everest and the rest of the region, but changes are certainly underway that could dramatically alter this area of the globe. Photos from the 1950s show far more snow and ice on the peaks and from one of the sherpas had witnessed the rocky pathway turn to ice.The colder the climate drops, the worse it is on Everest.


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Preparation for Climbing


Preparing to climb Everest is going to require a lot of vigorous conditions to make sure you are in the best condition to climb. Activities that could help you in preparation in swimming, running, bicycling, and carrying weights while doing some of these activities can benefit more. Proper stretching and warm ups can be very important. When you are completely exhausted the only thing you can rely on is mental strength. Visualization is a key tool that should be trained along with your physical body. Another skill is to learn how to be independent on the mountain. For example, if you were in the middle of an avalanche, your partner may not be able to help you, so you need to be able to find a way to save yourself.

Gear you will need on Everest are permit, Base Camp Tents, expedition food, oxygen bottles, oxygen masks, oxygen regulators, medical kit and more. You need many gears to climb Everest and these are some used for the group when climbing or they need any type of medical attention. Climbing gear also need is an ascendor, harness, helmet sleeping bag, climbing suit and altitude watch. There are many more gears you will need but these few gears here should be one of the prominent tools you will be needing.

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Holly Angelo's Report

Youngest Person Summits Everest

By Holly Angelo

Today it has been approved the youngest person to climb up to Everest's summit. Sun-jo Sherpa, 14 year old child born on May 31 has now made the new record. The Nepalese boy reached the summit of Everest with two other boys named Yogi and Yash who previously reached the summit 3 other times and reached it on May 30th. Photographic proof and a video showed these three climbing to the summit. "The view was indescribable" said Sun-jo. The accomplishment this young boy has achieved is outstanding

The circumstances this boy has went through are described as awful dangerous conditions. He approved himself that he could he could have died up there on Everest. He witnessed the death of many other climbers but was lucky enough to get to the summit. Everest is a dangerous experience but the outcome is amazing

Biography of climbers

Sun-Sun-jo is a 14 year old, born on May 31, Nepalese boy who escaped to Nepal but originally came from Tibet.He never used to be a sherpa, but he needed to earn more money for his sisters to attend their boarding school. Things had gotten a lot tougher for his family since his father died while saving Joshua on Everest. Sun-jo's main goal is to get across the border into Nepal because he wasn't welcomed back into Tibet since Chinese men invaded it. He has a real passion for climbing and reaching the summit helped him and his family a lot.

Peak is a fourteen-year-old boy who, got himself into trouble by climbing skyscrapers in New York City. When he was spotted by the S.W.A.T. team while nearing the top of the Woolworth Building, he was in doomed. Peak was arrested for illegal trespassing and tagging the buildings he climbed with a blue mountain" Peak doesn't think of himself as extraordinarily talented, but his mentor, teacher, Vincent feels otherwise about Peak. Peak is especially passionate about climbing and his family. One quote that proves his passion for climbing is "climbing is addictive. Once you've started you just can’t stop; you're hooked." From mountain climbing to family he is always giving all he has. His determination and persistence is incorporated into everything he does. When he climbs up to Everest, he was 10 feet away from the summit, but felt he didn’t have a purpose on there, but Sun-jo does, family. He decided he would not go up to the summit but put his sisters picture on the summit pole. Peak had to go through some bad times in his youth including his parents separating and his mother getting married to a man he hardly knew, Rolf. Even though many unfortunate things have happened to Peak over the years he continues to pursue his dreams.