Week 16: Peer to Peer Chat

Collaborating. Growing. Reflecting.

Winter Work & Sprinkles of Fun

As we get closer to winter break (10 more days!), our days are busier than EVER! So, this week's Peer to Peer Chat mixes up a little work and sprinkles in a little fun to get you through the active chatter and energy that fills your room.

Determination, Teamwork & Goals

There never seems to be enough time to get in everything we want during planning times. Here's an idea shared from a team that made things a bit more manageable and productive during planning times.

  • Prior to the planning week, all members are clear on the learning objectives to be taught and truly understand what is to be accomplished.
  • Every team member contributes to every content plan (building opportunities for collaboration and ownership)
  • Each member commits to locating ONE resource and ONE instructional strategy to share during team planning. (This includes preparing any anchor, example etc to give other team members a visual during team planning)
  • During planning time, each team member was held accountable for their part and the time keeper kept everyone moving along.
  • End result: Team members left planning with several strategies to teach the following week's lesson and had a team member they knew they could go to to ask for feedback on a shared strategy idea.

Every team has a different way that works for themselves - just as our students have different needs. The importance is teamwork and determination, as teachers work towards accomplishing the same goal - student success!

Sprinkles of Fun for the Classroom

Just a few ideas for the classroom, when time is given for a little brain break after MOY testing.

Sprinkles of Fun for the Family

Here's some sprinkles of Ideas to share with your student's families (and your own) to keep the entertainment going through the holidays.

Planning for Your Observation

Remember, if you would like to collaborate as you prepare for your observation and want strategies/ideas that tie to the PPfT Rubric, don't hesitate to reach out.