Getting Back in the Swing of Things

It is time to make a productive back-to-school routine!

It is Time for a Frest Start!

A new school year means a fresh start! Is is the perfect time to kick old habits and develop new, more productive ones. If your child has had issues maintaining an acceptable work pace in the past, now is the perfect time to develop a routine that will help them work more effectively!

Tips for setting up a routine for your child

  • Schedule time each day to work on each subject area.
  • Post the schedule near your child's work area. Younger children may like to use a picture schedule.
  • Make a "To-do" list for each day. Have them cross off each task as they complete it.
  • Some children need breaks built into their schedule. You know your child best. Build in breaks to play outside, do some sensory activities, have a snack, or whatever helps your child focus.
  • Set goals! Make a list of these goals and cross each list off as it is accomplished.
  • What motivates your child? Use what motivates your child to help them succeed in finishing their work. An extra hour playing a favorite game or watching a favorite show, a special snack or some extra playtime may be just what it takes to motivate them to finish a task in good time or get caught up and back on schedule!

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