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The Become program is an intense learning experience offered through personalized feedback, teamwork, coaching, curated readings, and 6 sprints in 3 weeks. Here is how we do it:

  • Curriculum from the forefront of transformation and experience design - We have curated readings, podcasts and videos that will bring you to the forefront of the design world.

  • Peer-to-peer learning - You will be accompanied by interesting professionals like you, you will be both a participant and a mentor to others.

  • Personal mentoring - to give you the personal touch a youtube video will not.

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This is a 3-week intense training run entirely online. We gear everything towards building your capacity in your daily work.

  • You will work on 6 sprints on topics that will bring you to the forefront of leading transformation.

  • You will have 3-hour calls/experiences 2 times per week for feedback, collaboration and reflection with an amazing group of peer.

  • You will get curated readings, podcasts and instructions accompany each of the 6 sprints.

The program is design so you can do your daily job. You can expect 15 hours of condensed learning (preparing for and having peer-to-peer sessions) for the 3 week period.


Tomorrow’s consumer will not only expect meaningful experiences on digital platforms but also experiences that add layered value and transform – creating engagement and human connection on a much deeper level. You’ll learn the language and frameworks that enable you to drive connection and transformation.

  • Purpose Driven Development – Connect your work more directly to what you believe in. Create more impact by using purpose as a guiding principle in the change you create.

  • Holistic Approach – Develop yourself in a holistic way, and expand what you have access to experience, think and do.

  • Act Fast and Measure Your Impact – learn how to take courageous action and how to assess whether the change you are inflicting aligns with your purpose and goals.

  • Transformational Design - Explore transformational design approaches on yourself, in your work and together with your peers throughout the program and beyond.

AND… You will be learning together with an amazing global community of like-minded people, who are at the forefront of building the practice and methods for designing transformational experiences.

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We believe these crisis are accelerating the global economies movement into the transformation economy.


This is for designers, leaders, facilitators, entrepreneurs, managers, artists, innovators, doers, and makers. Our alumni are from organizations like adidas, B Corps, Unity Technology, Green Peace, Google, IKEA, Lego, Skype, Mind Valley, Government of Columbia... Typical participants have at least 5 to 8 years of work experience.

Participants in our program have come from industries including:

  • Technology

  • Arts and Design

  • Education and training

  • Social Enterprise and Nonprofit

  • Consumer goods

Lets be honest… industry doesn't really matter. Become is for people longing to have a structured approach to develop themselves in order to effectively change their organisations. It’s for leaders who want to develop their strategic thinking, and add new methods, mindsets and frameworks to their toolbox.



This is an intensive program with 7 calls on the following Mondays and Thursdays:

September 17th, 21st, 24th, 28th 2020

October 1st, 5th and 8th 2020

15:00 - 18:00 CEST Berlin.

9:00 - 12:00 noon EDT New York


We are now accepting application until Sep. 10th 2020 for this round. Apply below.


  • Regular: € 1.300*

  • Non-profits/educators: € 900*
    This fee is for those who have work for a non-profit, education or have a social/environmental focus to what they do.

  • Private team - We can give you a custom offer, to bring members from your organization through this training:

*All alumni of the Kaospilot professional programs get a 15% discount.

*Applications received before July 20th will be € 100 less expensive. So € 1.200 for regular and € 800 for non-profits/educators.


‘Become’ is the proof that an online course is NOT second to a physical course. As participants we laughed, we developed ideas together, we trusted each other, we shared personal stories and we got truly connected. And then we got what an intense physical course can’t give you – time to reflection between the sessions and readable and savable post-its! I can’t recommend it enough….

  • Ditte Amskov, Senior Innovation Advisor - Oxfam IBIS

"BECOME has exceeded my expectations. The course is ideal for any designers working on a difficult product launch, personal or professional project. The programme runs over three demanding weeks although it can be combined with your daily job. The constant synergies between the 6 mini design sprints and your own work will prove invaluable. Not only will you have a cohort of very talented link-mind people to share this journey with but also a group industry leaders who will be accompanying you on the journey. I am proud to be a member of the BECOME Fellowship."

  • Santiago Brea - Business Consultant

"Become is pure inspiration but also a very practical course. Guided from the heart, Become has really make a difference in me and I feel that I have the tools to create whatever I put my mind to."

  • Sonia García - Visual Artist and Designer

"The Become program gave me tools and confidence (!) to design transformative experiences, while refocusing my personal transformation!"

  • Sabine Hoffmann, Entrepreneur and Transformer

Become is from the creators of our signature 3 day Experience Design Training.
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At KAOSPILOT, we are specialised in creating diverse teams, which is why a cornerstone of this program will be working with people from different industries, who all have in common that they work with or would like to translate what they already do into Experience Design and/or Transformation Design. All for the benefit of you gaining different perspectives and input from your peers.

The unique KAOSPILOT methodology and pedagogical approach is built around a rigorous training platform that dynamically combines theory, practice and reflection.

You will be applying tools and theory, which you will be learning through practical exercises and application. Our approach enables you to acquire different mindsets for you to apply in your work, including experimentation, exploration, and taking initiative.



Aga Szóstek, Ph.D. is a strategic designer. For the past two decades she worked at the forefront of combining design, technology and business. She collaborated with brands such as Google, Microsoft, Philips, Canon, Samsung, EY, Santander, ING, Orange and many more, bringing the experience-focused strategic approach to project teams and boardrooms. Her approach inspired many organisations to refocus and bet on experiences as their strategic differentiator.


Andy works with talented producers and experience production teams globally to create the sought after Kaospilot Experience Design learning experience immersions. He is the lead facilitator and program Manager for the Kaospilot Experience Design Profession Course.


Alberto spent the last 20 years exploring the relationship of people with digital media as an artist, designer, entrepreneur, business consultant, and media executive, working for global digital media players but also starting new businesses in the fields of media and experience design. Alberto is always driven by the aim of trying to make the world slightly more beautiful, useful and meaningful than we found it.


Michael studied technical computer science in Vienna and has a wide range of experience in supporting complex organisational transformations and in designing and facilitating challenging leadership development journeys. His international management experience (Siemens UK and Siemens Globally, Austrian Federal Chancellery) combined with numerous trainings in the areas of systemic consulting and coaching enable him to work in a diverse, focused and high-quality manner.


Design Strategist and focused on Futures Thinking, Stef frames her work from a critical perspective about the impact and consequences that businesses have on us, on Society and Nature. She works with organizations helping them to understand their complexity through narratives, experiences, and innovative cultures, based on the sensitivity and creative processes that Design and Art give us in order to decolonize and change the business world.


Katja has 20 years international experience leading purposeful organizational development and culture to help clients/employers make a meaningful difference. She is a Kaospilot alumni, with experience working at IDEO, Frog, ustwo and has consulted for many fortune 500 companies. Experience design thinking is in her DNA.


Adam Rosendahl is a facilitator, illustrator and experience designer. Through his experiential workshops and trainings, he fuses art, music, and dialogue as a vehicle to breathe imagination and connection into teams, organizations, and conferences.

We are so lucky to have him with us again, he will again curate playlists to guide and support the learning experience each week!


Our special guests will be sharing their extensive experience with us, to inspire and guide your journey each week. These are world leaders in the strategy, and execution involved in creating transformation!


Philip L. McKenzie is an anthropologist who uses his expertise in culture to advise organizations on how best to thrive in an increasingly challenging and uncertain environment. Philip uses his quantitative background and Wall Street experience in combination with a qualitative understanding of social, economic and cultural movements to unmask complex opportunities and identify significant trends that drive our future.

Philip’s work has placed him at the center of understanding the significance of culture as a reflection of shared values. As a result he is a sought after strategist working with a myriad of global organizations. He is a content creator and writer. He is currently publishes a weekly column via MediaVillage and is the host of The Deep Dive, a podcast in partnership with Pod Co Media. In the past, he has manifested his creative vision as co-host/co-creator of 2 Dope Boys & a Podcast. He is completing his first book titled No Shortcuts! The Revolutionaries Guide To The Future.


Carola Verschoor is the founder and chief creative at Transformational Studio. Where she integrates decades of industry practice, design-driven methods and innovative approaches into participative, interactive and provocative consulting services.

Previously, she has held innovation positions on both local and global levels at Sara Lee, Kraft Foods, The Coca-Cola Company and Danone. Carola was managing director of online user research agency BrainJuicer, founder of Groh! a creative innovation agency and until recently chief innovation & digital officer at RoyalHaskoningDHV, an international engineering consultancy firm.

Carola is the author of Change Ahead, which is recognized as a leading book on the emerging practices at the intersection of business strategy, research and design. She is a much sought public speaker and thought leader on the topics of innovation, strategy, creativity, transformation and (service) design for business.


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We are so honored to collaborate with the House of Beautiful Business and their exciting hybrid festival to make business more beautiful, The Great Wave. They will be curating some amazing content. We consider House of Beautiful Business a friend in the growing community that see the potential in making a more beautiful, sustainable and compassionate world.


We are honored to be collaborating with The Deep Dive Podcast - a luminous gathering point for the latest insights into culture and the forces shaping human behavior. They will be helping us by curating awesome podcast content for our participants!


We are honored to again be collaborating with Catching the Next Wave. They will be helping us produce awesome podcast content for our participants!