Reproductive Health

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Mammograms are a test that is used to check for tumors or micro calcifications that can show indication of Breast Cancer. It is said that women from the age of 40+ should be going to the doctors every year for a routine mammogram check. However, if women notice: a lump in their breast, breast pain, breast skin thickening, nipple discharge, or a change in shape should visit the doctor much sooner for there may be a possibility of cancer.

Pap Smears

Pap smears are tests that are used to detect any problems with a woman's cervix. They are used to show if there is any abnormal amounts of cells in the cervix that could potentially lead to cancer. It all depends on a woman's age and her doctor's opinion, as to when she should get a pap smear. It is advised that a woman in her 20s gets on every year as a health check, and if their doctor says they have been getting good results, then they can go in only every 3 years.

Prostate Exams

Prostate exams are exams used on men to look for signs of a normal, or abnormal, PSA. PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen that is a protein produced by both cancerous prostate tissues. On a normal basis, PSA enters the bloodstream at a normal steady pace, but if a man's prostate becomes inflamed or enlarged, there could be high levels of PSA. Increased levels can mean that a man could have cancer, unless they are 70 or older.

Testicular Exam

Testicular exams can be used by all men to check to see if anything is wrong with their testicles, however testicular cancer is more common in men the age of 15-35. It is recommended that a man checks his testicles every month to get familiar with their appearance, so then they will know if something is not looking the way it should.