Costa Rica

Danielle Whittemore

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A Central American Country

The capital of Cost Rica is San Jose.The city is distinguished by its Spanish colonial architecture, such as the ornate neoclassical National Theatre of Costa Rica, at downtown’s Plaza de la Cultura. Soccer is the national sport—or even national mania—of Costa Rica. Like soccer, bicycling, boxing, and wrestling are popular working-class sports. Basketball, volleyball, and tennis are played mostly by upper-and upper-middle-class boys, and tennis and golf are played by their fathers. Costa Rica has little in the way of native arts and crafts. Costa Rican cuisine is known for being fairly mild, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costa Rican meals, often served three times a day.

El restaurante

This restaurant is located in the capital of Costa Rica San Jose. It serves food from China,Thailand,Japan,Philipines, Vietnam, and India. They are most known for there Oasis flavored curry.

El Lago

Lake Arenal sits at the Arenal volcano. And it has the most important dam in Costa Rica because it produces 12% of their electricity. And some of the most popular things to do on the lake are windsurfing,fishing,boat tours,and kayaking.

El zoológico

This zoo is one of the most liked because of the habits they keep the animals in are close to what their natural habit is like. And they rescue and rehabilitate wild animals that have been injured. And they even have Blue macaws that are now extinct in the wild.

El Museo

This museum is located in the capital. The walls still have bullet holes from the civil war that broke out in 1948. Some of the artifacts you can find in the museum are cannons and guns from the pre-columbian times. The museum is organized thematically in a counter clockwise direction from the entrance with artifacts related to Costa Rica's geological, colonial, archaeological, religious and modern history.

El café

This coffee shop sells art and is a good place to get souvenirs. They like to have art shows and team up with art houses to sell there art work to buyers.

La Biblioteca

The national library is located in the capital and was founded in 1888, Costa Rica is an amazing country with a rich and wonderfully progressive history and the National Library has done a grand job making sure that everyone can learn about it. You can’t check items out from the closed collections as they are more for study and research, you can listen to music and use items under supervision.

La Plaza

Some of the most interesting things on the city square in San Jose Costa Rica are the National theater and the Jade museum but there are over 50 other attractions. If you take a bus tour you can hop on and be taken to eight different places and see the main attractions plus the most exquisite restaurants.

El Parque Nacional

The national park is actual a forest but two of the most famous attractions is the huge expanse of virgin forest, and the other is the highway that gives easy access.Inhabitants include more than 500 species of birds including resplendent quetzals, bare-necked umbrella bird, snowcaps are just a few examples.

La Piscina

One of the best pools are at the Tamarindo Diria resort. Some of the pools they have include the children's pool and the whirl pool. They have fresh water and people can relax and sun bath while under the gorgeous palm trees.

La Playa

One of the biggest beaches in Costa Rica is the Nosara. The Nosara is famous for its turtles, surfing, and the zip lining. Nosara is a village and district in the Nicoya canton, Guanacaste province of Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast. The district has a population of around 5,800 people.

el supermercado

The Super Noara is located in the village of Nosara. It is a small super market that sells fresh and organic fruits and vegetables that were picked from the farms and fields of the town.

La iglesia

Tamarindo Church is an English-speaking, community church located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. There service times are 10:00 am each sunday morning with morning service first. And for babtism they are performed in the ocean on the beach.

El gimnasio

One of the gyms in Costa Rica is called the Golds Gym and was founded in 1965. This gym has challenges for each of their members to try and achieve. They give yoga lessons and seminars on how to have the right proportion for each of your meals.

Las Montañas

One of the most known mountains in Costa Rica are the Arenal and the Irazú volcano's. The Irazú volcano is located in Cordillera Central close to the city of Cartago. And the Arenal volcano is loccated around 90 km northwest of San José, in the province of Alajuela, canton of San Carlos, and district of La Fortuna.

El estadio

One of the most known stadiums in Costa Rica is the National stadium in the capital. The sporting events held there are track basketball and soccer. This stadium is open to the public and youth teams.