11 Year Old Charged With Murder

Stepmother and child killed

2 Tragidies in One Night

11 year old, Jordan Brown was convicted of murdering 26 year old, 8 month pregnant stepmother, Kenzie Houk and the unborn child. He was charged with 2 counts of homicide due to the death of the unborn fetus. Prosecutors allege that there was tension between Jordan and his stepmother. His motive was said to be that he was jealous of Kenzie and her two daughters. The victims family says they want Jordan to be charged as an adult for two cases of murder. This has sparked a debate on whether or not he should be sentenced as an adult which would lead to life in prison with no parole.

Trialed as an adult?

Our Opinion

Based off of the provided evidence, Jordan Brown should be trialed as an adult due to his actions. Jordan should be held accountable for 2 counts of murder he committed. He is currently of age as of today and his trial should be closed with life in prison for his actions.


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