Don't Quit Geoffrey Giraffe

A Musician Who Stole Our Hearts

Geoffrey Giraffe has been singing since 2009 and five years later she decided to call it quits. Geoffrey fans hope that she will realize we need new music from her, and we don't want her to discontinue music making.

We Still Need You Geoffrey

Don't Leave

Believe it or not we enjoy listening to Geoffrey's music. She has a low view rate but a lot of us enjoy her music and we try our best to promote it. Geoffrey brings a new style in music all together that most people don't recognize. Despite her jaw dropping lyrics she has a heart sharing it with everyone else. As soon as we found out her music was on iTunes we bought it. We are the fans of Geoffrey, and we want her to stay.

Her reasons for quitting were not really explained her goodbye letter said:

"Hello everyone. I wanted to thank you all for sticking with me for five years. Can you believe it? We have been together for a while. 2012 was really when I ranked up, and my 2012 success also lead to success this year. I am proud of all of my albums, including my most hated album (Painful Memories). I wanted to tell you all I am officially leaving my success and his being and moving forward, meaning I officially am resigning. The choice was very hard for me to do, but music is just not where I want to be at this point in my life. As I am writing this I am crying, remembering the first time I released an album, my very first iTunes debut, and even the great chances I’ve had to sing along side many artists, such as Jamiya. I will be focusing my later years on my brand new talk show, and I will always be communicating with my fans via Twitter and Facebook. I will always love you all. "

If your leaving is because of your low number of fans we are sorry, but you have US. The people who do listen to your music! We hope you understand how you will be deeply missed by all of us, and we do hope you change your mind about leaving. We believe you shouldn't be done, you have just begun. Your 2012 albums were very successful and your 2013 album Cigarettes & Sex was the best of them all. Your Cigarettes & Sex ratings were fairly high, over 2,300 listeners! That's a lot. We do care and we hope you decide to change your mind!