Science Newsletter

Earthquakes PBL

The project is about how you and your group will build a house for Tony Stark. PBL: How can we as structural engineers construct a two story house for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? My design is made from Popsicle sticks and stick together with clay. The roof is made of straws and the house is strengthened by a red string. The main points I learned is that you should be nice and work together. If you and every one in your group works together well, we can get the grade,friendship,and the job done.

30 Hands Project


The things I learned during the project is that there's global warming, climate change, and greenhouse gas that's affecting Earth. I enjoyed the part where we can have the freedom to create our own presentation. This presentation is about what you learned about global warming, climate change.

Invention convention

The environmental problem my innovation solves is that plastic is going on to animals. Animals can eat, and die because of this plastic. My innovation helps this problem by using a solar panel to power the turbine. This turns the generator, which is connected next to the turbine. After the generator, there is a wire that connects to a metal claw. This metal claw is controlled by a captain, the metal claw collects trash in the sea.