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About Me:

For more than ten years, I have worked as a statistical consultant with a vast diversity of clients. I have assisted with nearly every level of research in fields such as neuroscience/psychology, sociology, marketing, biology, and business/operations research. The wonderful thing about the field of statistics is its prominence as a common denominator across so many disciplines.

My background consists of advanced degrees in Biology, Mathematics (Applied Statistics), and Operations Research. I have held positions as a (bio)statistician at large and small companies, which were primarily healthcare-related facilities (hospital, disease management, insurance). In all of these positions, I aided in research, data analysis, and statistical planning.

Who are my customers?

Academics: Teachers, Professors, Educational Consultants, Researchers

Healthcare Professionals: Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Mental Health Specialists and Counselors, Technicians, Dietitions and Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Informatics Specialists

Students: Pursuers of Bachelor and Graduate-level degrees in research-oriented disciplines

Professionals and Business Associates: Executive leaders, Upper and Mid-level Managers, Supervisors, Six Sigma Professionals, Project Managers, Human Resources Personnel

What can I do for you?

Data - Data quality is everything. Poor data will yield unreliable and misleading results. Many researchers mistakenly sabotage their own performance by trusting sophisticated, advanced analysis of inferior data.

Get assistance with determining your data needs, both present and future, and uncover detrimental data quality issues.

Research and Analytical Expertise - Benefit from a vast array of research consulting services.

Experimental design: Once you have identified some questions, I can help you arrive at reliable answers, or assist with the design of a process through which you can arrive at those answers on their own.

Literature Search and Review: Academic research produces a plentiful bounty of resources, primarily through publication in peer-reviewed journals. Finding what is relevant to your own projects can be overwhelming. On your behalf, I can conduct literature searches whereby the most relevant information is retrieved and summarized meaningfully.

Statistical Analysis: The artful mastery of your data can drive your project's success! Whether you need a simple descriptive analysis, or more complex modeling, sit back and let an expert do the work for you.

Education and Training - Some of the greatest opportunities lie in learning about how to manage and use data most effectively and ethically.

I can design an array of educational resources designed to cover everything from basic introductions to data and its potential uses, to methods of conducting complex analysis with rigor.

Take advantage of a free phone consultation!

Call or email any time. Let's discuss what I can do to help you.
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