It's Ice Fishing Season!

On Triton!

If you want peace and serenity meet us on Triton

If you need to get away from your family for over 58 years come ice fishing. Triton is the place to be. It's one of Neptune's moons, the 7th largest moon, and it's the only moon with it's own orbit! The surface is made up of 15 to 35 % water ice and frozen Nitrogen so there is a lot of places to fish. Remember to bundle up the tempeture is -237.6c at best. Don't worry about running into people Triton has 23,018,000km of surface area. It's 2,700km in diameter so this trip is for you loners!

Triton Ice Fishing

Thursday, June 12th 2042 at 9pm to Saturday, June 12th 2748 at 9pm

Triton, Neptune's orbit

This year long ice fishing event will be lots of fun! It will take 29 years to get there since it's 2,696,000,000 miles from the earth. At 10,000 miles per hour it will only feel like 10 years! It will be a year long on Triton, or 678 Earth years of a party.


9:00pm June 12 2042 to 9:00pm June 12 2748-Ice Fishing

Every three hours you will be given a water and snack (eat it fast before it freezes)

There will be three meals every earth day, one in the morning, mid-day, and night time.