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March 9, 2015

Superhero Teacher!

Congratulations to Mrs. Lane! Thanks for all that you do!
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MAP On-line testing tutorial-Required Viewing for those proctoring the test!

If you are proctoring the MAP assessment this spring, please view the online tutorial by Friday, March 13th.

Every minute counts!

Let's make sure we are using every available minute for instructing and preparing students for our spring assessments. This is a great time to rethink our re-teaching blocks and ensure they are focused on standards of high priority. It is also a great time to provide additional practice during Morning Work.


If you haven't already done so, now would be a great time to check-in on the students you have been cheering on throughout the year. Check-out the calendar dates below to see our upcoming assessments.

Jenny's Availability

March 10,12,13

Summer 2015 Projects

Great news! We are on of the 22 schools that will receive new carpet (all rooms that don't currently have the squares of carpet) and paint (same colors) this summer! The time line is June23-August 12th, but this could change. We will be receiving guidelines on how we need to prepare our rooms/buildings.

Kindergarten Round Up

We need volunteers for Kindergarten Round Up! Please let me know if you can help!

Tuesday, March 24th @ 6:00


XLT Enrollment

All students are welcome to attend XLT. You will be receiving enrollment forms to send home in report card envelopes after Spring Break. Attached is a generic note to send home to parents stating that you are recommending that their child attend XLT. I highly recommend a call home if you think this will come as a surprise to parents. All students that attend XLT will be in a reading and a math class. Students recommended will be grouped together and (hopefully) have a smaller class size. Teachers will teach using the workshop model. Those students not recommended will be in enrichment reading and math classes. Unfortunately we can’t place a student in enrichment math and not reading-it has to be the same for both reading and math. We need a list of all students (please send to Janet by Friday, March 13th) that you are recommending XLT for reading and math. This is an important step as Janet will be responsible for checking a box that will indicate on the report card the recommendation for XLT.

Questions-please ask!


Week of March 9th: Grades 3-5 Map Work (Discuss video & practice test)

Week of March 23rd: All grades-Writing Module Part 2

tornado locations

We should have sent a reminder before the drill....sorry about that! Please make sure the below information is in your crises folder. It's important to move classes to their location, even if in encore. The reason we have kindergarten and self contained in classrooms is so that we can create a calmer environment (especially if we are there for an extended time) and play a movie.

Hurst's classroom-Hurst, Protencic, T. Davis, Robertson, and York

Jones' classroom- Jones, English, Marsh, A. Davis, Fogel and Deason

Hallway in front of the music room-1st and 2nd grades

Hallway in front of the art, extended to the 3/4th grade hallway (if needed) 4th grade

Gym Hallway-all 5th grade

We will have another drill within the month to make sure this works for everyone!

Books on Buses

Books on Buses is up and running again and is a great connection to our Meadowbrook Reading Incentive. Encourage students to use this time to meet their personal reading goal! Happy reading Meadowbrook!


Monday, March 9th

6:00 PTA meeting

6:30 Internet Safety speaker

Tuesday, March 10th

Fire Drill

PBS meeting-Tier 1

J. Haistings will work 2 hours with 3, 4,5 grades (rotating substitutes) CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS MEMO


Thursday, March 12th

Spring Pictures

1:30-Kathy and Tarah out (data dig)

4:00-on: Kathy out (CTTN)

Early Release: Share Out

Friday, March 13th

PLTs-3, 4,5 (MAP work)

3rd Quarter Grading Period Ends


Tuesday, March 24th

J. Haistings will work 2 hours with K, 1, 2 grades (rotating substitutes) CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS MEMO

PLTs-K,1,2 (writing module-part 2)

6:00 Kindergarten Round up

Wednesday, March 25th

Kathy out 8:30-? (MAP training)

Kathy out 1:00-on (principal meeting)

Friday, March 27th

Climate Committee Meeting

PLTs-3,4,5 (Writing Module-part 2)

Monday, March 30

Deborah Holmes 2:15 (may conduct walk throughs)

Tuesday, March 31


2nd & 3rd grade music programs

Upcoming Assessments

Math Benchmark #3 (3/9 - 3/27)

ELA Benchmark #4 (3/30 - 4/10)

1st Grade, Unit 6 End of Unit Assessment (3/13)

3rd Grade, Unit 6 End of Unit Assessment (3/13)

4th Grade, Unit 6 End of Unit Assessment (3/13)

4th Grade, On Demand (3/9 & 3/10)

Staff Tickets

Shannon would like to give a ticket to Mrs. Foote, Mr. Rubio, and Mrs. Greathouse for their help with Donuts for Dad.

Kara would like to give a ticket to Mrs. Robertson for her flexibility in scheduling for an upcoming meeting.

March Birthdays

Monica Camacho – 6

· Shellie Willis – 6

· Rebecca Harrelson – 7

· Betty Jones – 8

· Linda Appling – 11

· Jene Bradham – 11

· Tyler Dierking – 15

· Ryan Cook – 24