$500 Healthy Weight Loss Challenge

Where Losers Win!

The $500 Weight Loss Challenge!

Why Wait until New Years? Get Healthier NOW! Our Team is shedding weight, getting healthier, AND inviting you to join us! But this is a challenge, so let's make it interesting. In our competition Losers Win! The biggest loser wins $500.00 worth of merchandise chosen carefully from our unique line of products and supplements to Continue their New, Healthier Lifestyle.

The BEST way to Reach our Health Goals, is to do it together. We will encourage each other, workout together, and Lose Together.

On August 15th, there will be a group weigh in and measurement, where we can establish our goals and help each other to devise our plans of action.

With your participation in our program, you will receive 3 FREE experiences and you will be granted a $20.00 credit for products.

Cost is ONLY $20 to hold your spot for August 15th where we will get measured AND weighed TOGETHER!

Then for the next 60 days, we will chart, measure, post our successes, tips, and encourage each other on our Fanpage.

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Get 3 FREE Experiences While You Lose!

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What are the Rules?

You Must:

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude and Encourage the other Challengers!
  • Invest the $20 Consultation Fee
  • Attend the Initial Meeting on August 15th
  • Get Weighed and Measured at least 3 Times( in the 60 days)
  • Give Feedback and allow our Team to Share Your Progress!
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  • First Meeting is Wednesday, August 15th from 6-8pm

    Meet twice a month to Weigh in and Get Measured

  • Have the Opportunity to Workout Twice a Month as a Group @ Memorial Park!

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Why Go at it Alone?

Join our Team as we challenge ourselves to gain and maintain a healthier lifestyle for the NEXT 60 Days. Remember, the Biggest Loser WINS! Claim Your Spot Here! Got Questions? Email us here kristikayne@gmail.com