Race to Associate Stylist

A-Team's New Leadership Group

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Congrats on sponsoring and building your team!! You are the new rising A-Team leaders!! I wanted to create a fun new group just for you! Show of hands, who gets overwhelmed by the idea of coaching or confused by the #'s to "promote"? (ME!) So I wanted to make a special group just for YOU! To help break it down into bite sized pieces! Knowing the little actionable steps to take each day will help you move forward and be successful in the biz!

You are invited to join a new facebook group called "A-Team Emerging Leaders" the Race for Associate and beyond"!

In this group we will be doing fun weekly challenges w/ prizes! Along with helping and encouraging each other, posting tips, lessons, and challenges! This is a page to pace with your fellow teammates and cheer each other on!

I also have a fun gift for you when you promote to Associate Stylist and Senior stylist in February!! See below for more details!!

Stay tuned and keep an eye out in the new group for your 1st challenge!!

I am soo excited for each of you to start layering your income with coaching commissions and fun prizes along the way!!

XO- Amanda

Promote to Associate Stylist in February and earn an engravable disc to commemorate your promotion!!

This may seem like a lot at first glance but little by little, in bite size pieces it's SO doable!! In February basically 2 shows for you and 1-2 shows for your team!
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Promote to Senior Stylist, earn an engravable bar necklace to commemorate this HUGE accomplishment!

You pick the custom engraving!
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Don't have more than one person on your team yet?! No prob, you never know who your next stylist is going to be! There will be fun challenges to reach out and sponsor this month too! Already have a team? All it takes to promote is to have trunk shows on the calendar for you and your team! Check out your team trunk show pipeline to see where you all stand! It may just take you and each of your stylists to book one more show!
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