Digital Documentation Part A

Project made out of mountain dew, dr pepper cans, and caps

Step 1- Plan of Action

My initial goal was to create a lifelike painting of a flower out of soda cans. This means that I would need a picture frame to do so, and would have to have the right dimensions to make the flower proportional to the frame. I hoped to make the flower look realistic and have a setting that fits the theme of the picture.

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Step 2- Material Gathering and Supply List

Materials Include:

Mountain Dew cans

Dr. Pepper cans

bottle caps

a picture frame( small enough to go well with the size of a wall)

Box Cutters


Step 3- Sketch

The way I created the sketch was giving my own depiction of what an original flower would look like. I had to conform to the circumstances that I was given with the cans, cutting curved lines out of tin metal could be hard. I sketched out the flower that I was going to use for my project and had to redo some parts of it to make it look better. I drew a background that mixed with the flower theme and proceeded onto cleaning up my sketch and making it as accurate as possible.

Step 4- Measurments of the tin cans and bottle caps

To make sure the tin cans would fit into the original sketch of the flower, I had to measure the sides of the flower and predict where the tin cans would best fit at. This step is a hit or miss considering the guess and check method that goes along with cutting out pieces of a 3-dimensional cylinder to be placed on a 2-dimensional object. I measured out all of the pieces before I began placing them to fill In the hues of the flower and the background.
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Step 5- Placement

This step is a very tedious process and requires me to take my time and learn how the curved lines function with the tin cans. The hard part was to place the small pieces in tiny spots where white could be seen in the flower and background. This step was probably the most lengthy part of this project considering how tedious each piece was to glue. I had to do many checks on how the pieces formed together to create the accurate hues that filled in the flower.
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Step 6- Revisions and Self Evaluation

This was the step where I had to review the work that I had produces and evaluate the extremities of the flower itself. The changes that I made were correcting the tin pieces and placing them the right way to fill in the hues of the picture. Overall, this project was very tedious and required a good amount of time to create an effective, elaborate picture for people to check out. Corrections, by far was the most important part of this project, which corrected and enhanced the mistakes that I made while in the production of this project, also allowed me to turn a mistake into an upgrade.