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Winter 2016

Introducing the SoClean Quarterly Newsletter!

The SoClean team is excited to add a quarterly newsletter to further our commitment of exceptional customer service to you, our clients.

The SoClean newsletter contains information on preparing and maintaining your pool and spa for our unique Las Vegas seasons as well as to provide further information on the services we provide.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Why drain my pool?

The cooler months are the Perfect time to drain pools & spas. The benefits of draining your pool of old water include:
  • Increase the water quality to eliminate hazy or cloudy water
  • Rid your pool of excess cyanuric acid (also referred to as conditioner or stabilizer) which can prevent your chlorine from being effective
  • Perform acid washing to remove stains from pool's plaster
  • Remove calcium from tile, Pebble-Tec and rock features

The ideal time to drain your pool is when the temperature is below 85 degrees to prevent the sun from damaging the plaster

Create a Pool Safety Toolkit for your home pool or spa

Drownings are a preventable cause of death and injury for children. By putting proven safety behaviors and systems into practice, you and your family will be much more secure in and around public and residential pools. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that you create a pool safety toolkit to have near your pool or spa to ensure that if the worst happens, you are ready to respond. What should be in a pool safety toolkit for your home pool or spa? "Staying Safe in Residential Pools." The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Web. 12/28/15

Did you know SoClean can help you keep your pool safe?

We provide:

  • Pool Safety Fence Installation
  • Alarm Installation
  • Pool Light Inspection

Contact Jim to discuss any of your safety concerns.


*SoClean Maid Service *

This Spring, SoClean will be adding commercial and residential maid services to our roster.

Launching this Spring, SoClean Maid Service will offer premium housekeeping services throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Please let us know if you are interested in hearing more about this service!

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