April 3, 2020

Message from the Principal

Hello Prairie Friends and Families,

I hope this message finds your family healthy and safe. I am Mrs. Gannon, subbing for Mrs. Solberg during her maternity leave. WE HAVE A BABY . . . . Zodi Rey Solberg was born on Thursday, April 2nd! Zodi came into this world at 8 lbs. and 20.5 inches. Congratulations to mom, dad and brother, Phoenix!

I am very excited to be at Prairie and helping out Mrs. Solberg. I worked with Mrs. Solberg nine years ago at Whittier when I was the principal, and she was teaching in a K-1-2 combination classroom with Mrs. Restock, Prairie’s literacy coach. What a crazy small world! I retired from Waukesha 20 months ago and live in Florida with my husband. The plan was that I would be at Prairie in person, but as long as everyone is virtual, being in Florida is no big deal! I have spent this week connecting with staff, especially Mrs. Anderson. Wow, everything sure seems to be in place, and staff are willing to learn as we go. Thank you for your patience as we charter this unknown territory together.

Starting next week, I will be joining in on the WebEx classrooms. I look forward to meeting your children virtually! All of us are learning so much as we continue to make each day online with you better. This has been a time of incredible change and challenge, and we know families are working so hard to make sure your learners are connecting to all that our teachers are offering.

A couple of reminders:

*If you know your child is going to be absent from virtual learning for a day, please email Mrs. Anderson at or call 970-2205 to report an absence. School messenger has been turned off.

*Teachers post content every day OR for each week. Students should engage with the learning tasks at a time that works for each family. If you aren’t able to complete work on a daily basis, just communicate with your child’s teacher your family’s plan.

*Teachers have office hours during the school day from 9-11 a.m. where they are available to offer support to students and answer questions. Just reach out via email, SeeSaw, or WebEx, depending on the platform your child’s teacher has shared.

*Our virtual learning opportunities will be different than what we can offer in a face to face, in-school environment. Please know that a child’s stamina and attention are significantly different in a virtual learning environment.

*Our teachers are using Webex Teams, Google Classroom or SeeSaw as a means to connect with their students and push out new learning. It is important that you are monitoring your child’s device to make sure that they are not using WEbex Teams or other apps on their school device (like email) to connect with their friends and have hang-outs/chats with one another. Please use your own personal devices for social, personal conversations. Students should not be using their school-issued device to connect with one another and have private chat groups. If you see technology misuse, please report it to your child’s classroom teacher right away. Teachers will be carefully monitoring their online spaces, but this will be a continual challenge in the weeks ahead and need to rely on all the adults to help monitor appropriate student use.

We are here for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Please reach out. No one should suffer through this time alone. We are better together, and we genuinely do want to help!

Virtual Spirit Week

Join us for Virtual Spirit Week!

Week Of April 6th

Monday 4/6

Favorite Color Day

Wear your favorite color loud and proud!

Tuesday 4/7

Crazy/Favorite Hat Day

Wear a hat or your choice today- maybe a silly hat or a hat displaying your favorite team!

Wednesday 4/8

Prairie Pride Day

Wear Prairie gear or Prairie colors: black, gray, and yellow!

Thursday 4/9

Pajama Day

Stay in your favorite jams today!

Upcoming "No School" Dates

There will be no virtual classroom lessons or support on Friday, April 10th and Monday, April 13th. These dates are on the School District of Waukesha's calendar as "No Student Attendance" dates.

Breakfast and Lunch Pick Up Available

Please see below for the details locations of breakfast and lunch pick up. This is available to ALL children under the age of 18.
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Technology Assistance

If you are in need of technical support during this time, please go to: This page also includes a link to the Virtual Help Desk which is being monitored by our support team.

Learning Outdoors

Our Environmental Education Department has created a weekly newsletter entitled "Learning Outdoors". Each week we will provide a few small learning or just for fun activities to engage students in nature and outdoor play.

Fox 6 Educational Programming

FOX 6 is offering educational programming on Monday through Friday at noon. The station will be airing a variety of Xploration shows. These half-hour programs are designed to inspire kids to become interested in STEM and may provide some fun and interest for families.

Here is a link to programming information:

Playworks "Play at Home"

Playworks has launched a virtual recess. It will happen 3 times a day (11am, 1pm, 3pm), Mon-Fri through Facebook live! All you have to do is like Playworks on Facebook and log on and follow along!

Do you want to play right now? Check out this link for youtube videos to all of our favorites as well as a bunch of play resources:

It is a great way for our students to break up the day, get moving, and refocus for learning! Do you have a favorite game? Take pictures and tag with #PlayAtHome or #PlayworksAtHome to teach other people your family's favorite!

*Air High Five* Coach Courtney

Message from Mr. Endsley, School Psychologist

Our school psychologist, Andrew Endsley, will be available to support families, students, and staff. Students can schedule a virtual meeting with Andrew, by clicking here. To explore a variety of student services resources, please see the Student Services Google Classroom (Join Class with student email account; Class code: 7454aar). Mr. Endsley will be available to virtually meet with individual families and students on an ongoing basis. For any questions regarding resources for COVID-19, attendance, parent resources, anxiety and mental health supports, or any other student services matter, Andrew can also be reached at (262) 970-4152 or

2020 Summer School

Registration for summer school is currently on hold. More information will be shared when available.
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Attendance in Virtual Learning

Attendance is being taken every day for students who are participating in the virtual learning environment. We understand that there will be times your child may not be able to participate. If they are actually sick or "absent" from virtual learning for another reason, please email your child's teacher or Mrs. Anderson in the office. ( The Safe Arrival attendance system has been deactivated at this time.

Depending on your notification settings in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, you may be receiving attendance alerts that your child has been marked absent. Here are the directions to disable that notification in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

Click on the "person" icon in the upper right hand corner

Click on Settings

Click on Notification Settings

Unclick "Attendance is Updated"

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Spectrum Internet Service Option

Spectrum has an opportunity for families to receive free internet service during this time. Please call 1-844-488-8395 to arrange for service. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.

Safe Arrival Attendance Program

The Safe Arrival Attendance Program has been disabled. If your child is sick or will be absent from virtual learning for any reason, please feel free to email your child's teacher or Mrs. Anderson in the office. ( Thank you.

Our district offers the Safe Arrival Program for easy attendance reporting for your children. Please review the document below for details. If you previously used this app and have changed your email address in Infinite Campus this year, you may need to create a new School Messenger account.

2019 Safe Arrival Protocol