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Principal's Message

I am so excited for 2015-2016! We have the absolute best team, best students, and I look forward to a wonderful school year. Thank you for all of your hard work -- it takes many extra hours, blood, sweat, and tears to get the school year off to a great start. And we did just that! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love our staff!!! -RGuerra
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  • "I would like to give a shout out to Mr. Acosta and Ms. Navarrete. They both have gone above and beyond helping me with so many things regarding Special Ed. I really appreciate all that they have done and look forward working with them as my colleagues. Thanks!" -Mark Garcia
  • "Ms. Morales offered herself for 'anything'. She looked up folders and scanned them. I was able to focus on other things thanks to her. I would be so far behind without her! And another shout out to Ms. Ruiz who offered help and scanned some folders, too. Thank you!!" -Diana Nicanor
  • "Shout Outs to 1st grade and all their HARD work! Go TEAM!" -D. Castillo
  • "Shout out to Diana Nicanor for keeping Magic folder current, and Melba Garza, for taking the initiative with LPAC folders! Your effort is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed! Also, shout out to Marisa for thinking of me when I wasn't feeling well! And finally, shout out to Martha Perez, John Sanchez, and Edna Hernandez for helping clean-out, organize, and pass-out books from the book room!" -C. Cervantes
  • Shout out to the front office staff who does a phenomenal job running our school! Erica is at the front lines (literally) and has done a tremendous job calling our parents and bringing in students who would have stayed home otherwise. Diana has worked tirelessly enrolling students on a daily basis, keeping up with all of the paperwork and daily attendance, all while staying sane (well, almost completely sane). And last but not least, to Cindy who juggles 20 things at once without dropping 1, keeps me straight everyday, and does all of this with a SMILE!! Couldn't do it without you!" -R. Guerra
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Monday, September 7th

  • PLC meetings during conference times (Professional Support Staff, please join us during one of these grade level meetings each Monday)
  • 4pm - Story Plot review with Instructional Coach (3rd & 5th Grades - others may join us if you like!)

Tuesday, September 8th

  • 4pm - CILT Meeting

Wednesday, September 9th

  • Health Screenings in the Sci-Tech Lab
  • Marigold Sub-Committee meetings

Thursday, September 10th

  • Health Screening in Sci-Tech Lab
  • 7:45 - 8am: Breakfast for students
  • 8:05am: Say YES to Life Assembly in cafeteria followed by Silent Walk

Friday, September 11th

  • 3rd Grade Career Speaker - R. Williams, Engineer

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