Gaming & Computers

What I like is a blurb of code and a thing called a "PC".

About My Interest...

  • My dad liked to play on the computer a lot, and I've always wondered what he liked about it. So I tried out the games myself to see what's so interesting about it and I liked it. Later, I got into dissecting computers and developed an interest of coding.
  • I've enjoyed playing computer games for a pretty long time, from early elementary to now. It was long enough to get me glasses.
  • I really like computer games because most games require some thinking and strategy. For games with a storyline, I usually like the plot and graphics. For sandbox-like games, I like the creativity and freedom it allows to do whatever I want.
  • Achievements? Eh...I killed the Moon Lord. I learned various traits important to survival (such as spelling and grammar, something you will need to utilize in order not to sound like a 9-year-old brat). I also learned what it felt like to lose miserably against higher-level players and hackers.

Person I respect...

I would probably choose Marissa Mayer as someone who I respect. She is amazing!
Not only was she one of the first 20 employees to get hired at Google, but she was also the first female engineer Google hired! Mayer is very inspiring, as she shows that even women can be engineers in a male-dominated field. I really admire her skill for technology too.

Some of the top jobs include...

Guaranteed to be challenging and different!


  1. What kind of environments do the jobs take place at? What kind of expectations will there be if you want to join the technology field?
  2. What kind of majors/ minors should I take to get these jobs? Is previous experience on the field required?

Next steps...

  1. Interview my dad (engineer) and ask what his work is like, what classes I should take to get the job, maybe persuade him to bring me to work.
  2. Narrow down jobs to what I would probably enjoy and succeed at.
  3. Research the general classes I'll have to take to get the job.
  4. Research the recommended majors/ minors I should take.
  5. Actually sign up for those classes in the upcoming years.
  6. Learn to code. Code some more, even every day if time permits.