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Hello Parents!

As reminder:

2/17/23- No School-Professional Development

2/20/23-No School-President's Day

Please take a look at our students below!

We have our January incentive winners who were "Admin for a Day"

Gabriel Wing- 6th

Ryan Solomon -7th

Anthony Mills-8th

and Antonio Bailey one of our 7th grade Honor Roll students!

We are planning an after school "Winter Social" on Thursday February 23rd. The dance will begin right after school at 3:00 p.m. Students will need to be picked up no later than 5:00 p.m. Questions regarding tickets an permission slips can go to Ms. Vivanne Peace-

Please take a look at information regarding, "One School, One Book." We hope you will sign up to read a chapter! We began Monday, February 6th.

Yearbooks are now on sale. Please message Mr. Bryant Blocker with any questions.

We ask that families continue to support our expectations regarding a phone free environment, our dress code policy, appropriate conflict resolution, and a safe and orderly ride to and from school on the bus. Partnering with families in sharing a consistent message to students about what a productive and safe school looks and feels like helps us to create an environment of consistently high expectations.

At this time of year, students are aware of our expectations for a timely arrival to class. While we recognize something emergent can happen during a transition, we are beginning to issue after school detentions to those students who are consistently arriving late to class. We ask for your continued support of our expectations.

As the winter sports season approaches, we are excited at the prospect of family support for our student athletes. We ask that spectators show respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators, and support groups, and we ask that you respect the integrity and judgment of our officials. Students may not stay after school to attend a sporting event. They must go home first and return with an adult who will remain with them for the duration of the game.

You can find our winter sports schedule here.

We would like to invite any parent/guardian whose schedule permits to join their child during the lunch period. Our nutritious school lunches are available for purchase as outside food is not permitted in the cafeteria. Please reach out to your child's grade level administrator to schedule a "lunch date."

As a reminder: students may purchase a double lunch, but are allocated one breakfast and one lunch each day. Please discourage your child from purchasing multiple snacks for friends, as this depletes their own account.

As the weather gets colder, please provide a sweatshirt or hoodie for your child to wear during the day. Temperatures in each classroom can fluctuate, and students are not permitted to wear their coats in the building.

Students will not be allowed to wear hats and hoods indoors. Please access this link for the CSD dress code. Please be certain your child's clothing covers breasts and midriffs- a crop top is not an appropriate top for the school environment- we will contact the family for a change of clothes if necessary.

If you have not yet submitted the yearly emergency card for your student, we ask that you do so immediately. Your student will be unable to receive over-the-counter medications without your signed permission on the emergency card. The school nurse is unable to accept verbal permission from parents.

You may request a copy the emergency card from your school, if necessary.

Please be sure your child's Chromebook is fully charged each night before school. A fully charged and working Chromebook is vital in completing work at school each day. We have a limited number of Chromebooks to issue as loaners.

If you have a need to speak with your child's grade level administrator, please do your best to make an appointment to do so. Administrators often have multiple duties throughout the day, and a planned meeting is helpful in them meeting their obligations.

We continue to reiterate expectations for the appropriate resolution of conflict with peers, and ensure students know the support staff and administrators who can help them with a problem.

We look forward to continuing a partnership with our families.

Please contact one of our building administrators with any questions you have regarding the above:

Dr. Erika Thomas- Brown

Dr. Megan Stoffa

Mrs. Megan Nowell

Be well,

Ms. Baaith

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