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Shanghai A Destination Where East Meets West

About Shanghai

Shanghai, the biggest and most prosperous city of China is ultimate east-meets-west metropolis. It is one of country’s economic and cultural centers and is the birthplace of everything in China which is contemporary. Shanghai offer so many reasons to its guests to visit because it rivals New York or Paris in terms of cutting -edge technology, great life style, the most happening skyline, shopping and finest dining. The city is equally famous for its traditions, historical landmarks and rich cultural heritage which make it one of the greatest cities in the world and at the same time most happening hot spots on the planet earth. There are so many things to see, explore and do that provides enough glimpses about the city where east meets west.

Why take flights to Chinese city Shanghai

Some reasons that compel you to fly to China are and make a trip to this mega metropolis include:-

A bled of east and west:- The favourable location of Shanghai , its distinct oriental culture attract many eminent personalities in the past to visit this magnificent city either to live here or to experience the oriental charm. St. Ignatius Cathedral which is the largest Roman Catholic Cathedral with the history of over 90 years is located in the Xujiahui district of Shanghai. Jade Buddha Temple an active Buddha Temple are few such attractions which represents the great cultural integrity of the city.

A shopping paradise:- No Euro crisis or recession in the whole world can stop Shanghai’s optimism and consumption frenzy where old traditional markets rub shoulders with horde of new shopping centers which are ready to welcome its guests with open arms who are looking to slim their pockets. In a city, one can enjoy a custom-tailored suit made in about a week. Select the finest fabric for yourself and get the work done in South Bund Fabric Market. You can even design jewellery for yourself at Hongqiao International Pearl city and enjoy the fun of bargaining.

Finest Dining:- Shanghai is a city which has various flavors to satisfy globetrotting palates with cuisines from authentic Chinese to creative French. Very popular Mr & Mrs Bund offer modern French fares with a twist which is truly a delightful experience for its visitors.

Sightseeing:- If you are in shanghai, the cultural diversity and iconic landmarks will surely steal your heart. The streets of Shanghai represent flawless transitions from ancient traditions to futuristic trends. Book flight tickets to explore Shanghai and do visit the attractions like Nanpu Bridge, People’s Square, Wukang Road, The Bund etc. and feel mesmerized.

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